Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 06th Of July 2015

Shane French /

July 6, 2015


IMG_7328Hey all.

Another brilliant weeks fishing here in Taupo, with all the rivers running at good levels and full of silver trout. The weather is playing an important roll in this, with the fluctuating river levels inducing Runs. It has been a wet winter. The overall condition of the trout I have landed has been good, with a few smaller fish turning up now and again. That said there are some very nice trout out there. The above fish was caught this morning in the Hinemaiaia and went 5.5 pounds. I got this fight on Video, so will post it up soon. I was after a good fish for the smoker this morning and was hoping for a nice Jack, so this one got the “Last Rites” and is now being cured in a Rock salt preparation.

The Waitahanui had a good run go through over the weekend. There are a few fresh looking Browns in there as well.


The Hinemaiaia just keeps giving! It also had a good run go through over the weekend, but to be honest it just really hasn’t stopped running. Wow it must have been raging after all the rain 10 or so days ago. The banks have been swept back and the river has changed in places quite dramatically. Chris you are going to love re exploring this, when you get here. I had a blast in the Hinemaiaia this morning, right up until I drowned my Camera. I was leaning forward trying to scoop up my Forceps, with my net, when I realized my Camera was dangling in the water :( It is sitting on the hot water cylinder in a bag of rice. One of the secrets in saving electronic equipment if it gets wet, is Not To Turn It On, untill it has been dried out for a few days. Water will arc across the tiny little solenoids and short things out. Wait untill its totally dry, place fully charged batteries back in, cross your fingers and toes, then turn on.

I went back into the Tauranga Taupo just to make sure it still had trout. It certainly does. With the higher than average water levels the trout are moving in freely and running up stream. I pulled trout from most of the water I fished. As I say what a fantastic season. In the past I have struggled in June/July, probably helped by low water levels. I have found that June and sometimes July can be dry months for the winter fishery and of course that means lower water levels. This has an effect on the running fish. Then it rains in August and all those trout move into the rivers. Its part of the reason why August is such a good month. This year it has been one high water level after another. In saying that I also believe there are just more trout out there this year to start with. August/ September will be interesting months.


The Tongariro is full of trout, this river is fishing really well. I believe they are catching some big Browns out of the Tongariro at the moment too. The section below the bridge has seen some excellent fishing. The bridge pool is getting some serious pressure as it does at this time of year. I am so happy for the Tongariro. It fished really badly last year for me. All the rivers were hard last year but the Tongariro really proved a challenge at times. I can remember one season a few years ago when the trout basically didn’t go above the SH1 bridge until half way through August. Below the bridge fished ok but the middle and upper pools were hard going. So to get a season like this one where the trout have been scattered throughout the whole system for the entire winter so far, is bloody brilliant. The high water levels have made the rocks safe to walk on with no algae showing at all. This will help make your crossing safer and you will need all the help you can, due to the overall push the river. It has channeled out a few places too, so watch the crossings you thought were a little deep before the flood.


Like most of the country we are due some more rain this week and some wind to go with it. One can only imagine it will bring on another run, I’ll let you know shortly.

Glo Bugs still smashing them right throughout the day for me at the moment. I haven’t needed to change. I have taken a few trout this week on the Big Boys Bomb as well.

I have started selling my Nymphs and paraphernalia at the local Taupo markets on a Saturday. Everything that I take along there will be discounted, including waders and reels. I sold a few indicators last weekend as I dropped the price down to $3.00 from $4.50 and all beaded reapers to $2.00 The market is a great place full stop, so if you are down there look for me and have a chat.

Regards Shane