Time On The Water.

Shane French /

November 7, 2016




Hey All.

It has been a very long time in between posts, I apologize to all those who rely on posts, to keep them tuned into what is happening and for enthusiasm in general. This is my last chance at this guiding, selling, on the internet thing. I hit a major bump in the road and it really threw me. However there are some very good people out there who think throwing it all away now would be rather silly. So with that said there will be a few changes on the shop side of things and fishing reports in general. With that said and done, buckle up!

Look the Damn rain is pissing me off to no end. By this stage of the game I would have liked to have seen a fair amount of the back Country stuff as possible. The rain that has fallen over the past two and half months has really saturated the Aquifers and catchments in some area’s and the rivers and streams were running high all way into November. With the rain we are getting today once again the dropping water will come back up. These Back Country fish are not like Taupo steel head. Once the water is up and has color in it, they will not take. They do like a dropping flow, though. Then on the other side of the coin, some streams and rivers have been fish-able for weeks now. It all depends at the moment what side of the hill you are on. So for now the back Country is out for me, until the rivers drop.

The Taupo rivers are a different story and with this bit of crap weather we have at the moment, it will probably draw in some late running trout. The season has certainly dragged on by all accounts. I gave up on the winter season this year. I fished it quite a bit at the start and really all the rivers fished like shit, unless you hit the Hinemaiaia and I didn’t! Yes there were sporadic runs into most of the rivers but in no way did it fire. It probably means that 4 years ago we had a particularly bad spawning season and this year those that survived, came back in. I think the first year spawners make up about 70% of the overall run, then you get second year spawners making up 25% and so on. Don’t quote me on those figures, however I do know that the vast majority of them are first year, maiden trout. So with that being said in another 3 years, when those fish from the 2015 season come back in, we are going to have a great season once again.


I fished the Waitahanui a few weeks back and it was empty of trout. DOC honestly you suck. I fished this hard out at the beginning of the licence year and never saw you once.  The Waitahanui has been plundered and fucked over for so long now that it is nothing of what it once was. you guys have let this happen. All I have had from you is lies and more lies. You are not worthy of looking after my fishery. The only time you do something with the Waitahanui, is when I complain and make you look like the pricks you are, then once the dust settles you are back to your old shameful ways.  Who the hell makes the decisions in these departments. They are not obviously capable of making them correctly. For instance the Hinemaiaia river. Why is the upper section above the Bridge open for another year. Why have the rangers not gone back and said, “hey this river is getting worked over really hard, it needs a break for a few years”? Seriously are you that concerned about your job that you would let a fishery get destroyed? Or do you just not give a Toss! Quite simply guys if you smashed the Hine this year your a dick in my opinion and you don’t give a second thought for the fishery as a whole. Learn to fish a rip, if you want a good take home fish but to continuously go to that one river and take fish after fish, your a dick!! If your a guide and you did it, well then your a bigger dick.

The Tauranga Taupo was like all rivers at the start of the season.. Hard! It came on in September as the water levels became constantly high for weeks on end. A lot of trout moved in and spread themselves out along most sections of river. It was still fishing well in late October and I wonder what this little push of water will do for it.

I struggled on the Tongariro and I dragged a poor mate of mine along most of the time too. He hates the Tongariro now. :) in fact the poor old Tonga’s was to blame for me giving this season the boot. I had some pretty fishless days down there. Throw in the fact Ross was sprouting on that fish were in the river and I started to feel this was not my season. I am sure that the Tongariro does have fish in there now, like all the rivers it got a late run go in. However by no means was this a great season, with the trout being in good condition but pretty small in my opinion.

So stay tuned and hopefully some dry weather is around the corner.

Cheers Shane