Updated Report On The Taupo Rivers For The 16th Of August 2015 Trout Guiding Report Lake Taupo.

Shane French /

August 16, 2015


Hey all,

This winter has been cold and wet, I am almost over it. As a guide you need lots of options up your sleeve when the rivers are swollen and un fishable. The obvious river is the Waitahanui but sometimes the edges of the rivers that are swollen and discolored can hold trout. last week when the Tongariro was raging a bit at 70 odd cumecs, I thought it was not worth the effort, however I was informed that a fisherman had done quite well fishing the edges and the “Not so raging” bits. That is pretty smart. He was using my Glo Bugs as well :)

There have been good numbers of spawning trout going into the Waitahanui River. These guys are pretty hard to hook up on as they only have one thing on their mind at this stage of the game. I guided on here last week, (Monday) and although I thought it was pretty hard, we still picked up 3 fish. The Waitahanui has lots of Browns in there too and occasionally they will come out of the blue and take! I have one or two spots on the Waitahanui at the moment that are really producing. One of them is a nasty little cast with lots of weight but the end result is normally a hook up and then all hell breaks lose. We hooked a Brown Trout in here on Monday and it just schooled us….. All we could do was hang on, the hook pulled as it drove forward into a snag and that was that. Take your time through the Waitahanui fish deep at times, use my Glo Bugs and Big Boys Bomb and you will hook up sooner or later.


I haven’t fished the Hinemaiaia for a wee while but I had some trout dropped off to me in the week for smoking. These Jacks were from the Hinemaiaia and they were in great condition. The angler said he had been picky and released quite a few. The Hine will probably slow down now as it is normally the first to fire and the first to drop off. That being said who knows for sure this season!

The good old Tauranga Taupo went up in Volume once again and was really slow to drop. Lake Taupo is full and is slowing the draining of the rivers. I fished it when the level was at 6.9 it had been trying to drop for about 4 days and the colour was perfect, being a slight milky green. I found a spot that I knew held fish, rolled cast out 10 feet and proceeded to strip the line from my reel, getting ready to start. I looked up just as the indicator was ripped sideways. I had way to much line out for a decent strike and the hook pulled as soon as pressure was applied. This brings me to a little problem that many anglers suffer from. To get a decent hook up you must be able to stay in contact with the indicator during the drift. If you have too much line out then it will be a weak hook up and the fish has more chance of getting off. Think about that next time you start throwing line out as it drifts past you. The hook ups of the Tauranga Taupo last week were a bit soft. I noticed it and so did a few other anglers that I spoke to. It was sort of like the little buggers were nibbling at the Nymph instead of smacking it hard. The water in this river has been fantastic this year, I have really enjoyed fishing the Tauranga Taupo.


Like the Hinemaiaia I haven’t fished the Tongariro for a few weeks. It has gone up and down in volume like the Tauranga Taupo and should have good numbers of trout throughout its course. I fished it a few weeks back and the upper pools did contain trout. I did really well in here with the Big Boys Bomb and a Glo Bug about 8 inches below that. At about this time of year the Red bead Reaper should start to come into play on the Tongariro. many years ago I noticed that late in the season the trout went for small naturals with red in them. That is why I invented the Red Bead Reaper. I am fishing the Tongariro tomorrow for myself and will be loaded with this little Nymph. However I really like the Red Bead Raptor, this looks more Buggy and I am sure that when the trout in this river zone in on whatever they like in Red, the Raptor will be a killer Nymph. I will also be armed with some tricked out Big Boys Bombs and lots of Glo Bugs. I am really looking forward to Monday. The river is dropping and the day is meant to be sunny with little wind. I am going to do a rather big beat and should get some good pics and video footage. If you have a face book account and want to stay up to date with what I am fishing, then look up taupo fishing on Face Book.

Stay safe on the water and I will report in soon.

Regards Shane