Winter update for the Waimarino river 20/07/2015

Shane French /

July 20, 2015


Hey all.

OMG it is cold here at the moment. Snow on all the Mountains and ridges around the Lake.

So I have my boy down here from Hamilton for a few days and today and tomorrow was booked in for fishing. We had a bit of a late start today and the plan was to fish the Tongariro. Steven has some really good skills that would put many anglers to shame but is probably lacking in aerial casting, especially with weight. His water load is a pleasure to watch, his mend as good as any out there and his strike is that of a pissed off Cobra. The plan was to work on his overall casting and hopefully pull a few from the magic waters of the Tongariro at the same time.

The weekends rain sort of stuffed things up a bit and although the River level on the Tongariro had dropped this morning, it was still flowing a bit high and was going to make for some fast drifts. It would have been perfect for the wet liners! I decided to drive down there anyway for a look see and to suss out the other rivers on the drive. The car park at the Hinemaiaia was ridiculous, seriously guys, yuck to that. I pride myself on getting into water that has not seen others, even if I am late on the water. I don’t know how you fish with that many people, but each to their own. The Tauranga Taupo looked “milky” but was still flowing at .75 I have lost count at the times it has gone above .1 and as I am on there tomorrow it will be fun to re-explore the TT as I am sure it will have changed massively over the last three floods.

VIRB Picture

VIRB Picture

Normally the Waimarino flows at the same level, (almost same catchment) as the TT and so I wasn’t really expecting to see what I saw, as we slowly drove over it. Oh yes very tasty water indeed. I needed split shot and so decided to get that in Turangi and as I wanted to see what the Tongariro looked like we kept going. yeah the Tongariro looked nice, still a bit fast but it was definitely fishable. The Bridge pool was being smashed as usual. We picked up some split shot and drove back to the Waimarino, dropped in and started fishing.

Steven was a bit rusty to start with and after losing two sets of gear in three casts it was time for some fatherly advice. So after explaining what it would be like to never father children due to a lack of testicles, he got it together and pulled a fantastic Jack, followed by another and finally a great Hen of about 4 pounds. However it then became apparent the river had been smashed by the constant high water levels and the holes and runs that had been there last time I fished, had disappeared. I need to get in here when the level is a little lower so I can see the snags as we started to lose some gear. We packed it in around 12.30 and drove home, happy to pull a few but with the thought of more to come tomorrow.

Although the Glo Bug took most of the fish, The Big Boys Bomb accounted for two nice Jacks as well.

Steven is doing another large update on my web site with some really cool stuff to get you interested. One of the new additions will be that you can comment on the articles, almost like a forum. This will be rolled out within the next few days so keep watching this space.

Regards Shane

VIRB Picture

VIRB Picture