A look Back At The Trout Fishing In July And A peek At August 2009

Shane French /

August 2, 2009


Hey All

I was really concerned by half way through July that the Taupo season was going to be a flop and that DOC were going to be left scratching their heads and looking a little silly. The trout fishing was nothing short of bloody hard! It was always in the back of my mind that the rivers desperately needed rain and that because the lake level is SO LOW that any rain we did receive was sucked out as fast as it came in. This left any trout that had come in, spooky as hell and generally not willing to take anything thrown at them, they also moved through the systems quickly, not hanging around at all. It was still pleasing to see the condition was well up on the past two years, but numbers were way down and anglers were starting to get very twitchy.

100_0196Then on the 23rd and 24th of July we got the rain we needed. The river levels shot up and the trout that were holding off the river mouths moved in. All the rivers received big runs of silver fat trout. Due to Lake Taupo being so low the rivers cleared and drained quickly but just as they were dropping back to their previous levels, we got another good bout of rain and in came the trout again. With this rain we received some westerly and north westerly winds that sent good numbers of trout through the Waitahanui and the Hinemaiaia as well. Both of these rivers have had some VERY big trout go through and should be explored by all anglers seeking that””big one””.

100_0197It is now August and we are still receiving constant rain that once again has sent the rivers levels up, I would expect that once they drop to a fishable level there should be more silver yummy trout in there for us to slay!! August has been the month to fish Taupo for the past few years. This is when the majority of trout move into the rivers, you end up with fresh trout coming in and older trout coming back down, so in general have more trout in the rivers. I love August!!! We are getting some good fronts coming through making the river levels move and spurring the trout on. If you can coincide one of these fronts with a visit to our Taupo fishery you should have some fun.

At the moment I am using Champagne red dot glo bugs or orange dot all day. However still carry flash back PT’s as well. Remember if a piece of water looks good and you know there are trout in the water then start fishing smart. Change your weight around and maybe lengthen your leader, or in some cases shorten it. For heavens sake have an indicator that floats as well, if they sink they are a submarine and will definitely not help your chances.

I hope you have a great August and I look forward to seeing you on the water.

Regards Shane