Coming up to the end of the Taupo Winter Trout Season what can we expect

Shane French /

September 23, 2009


Hi there readers,

Well we are almost through another Taupo winter trout season and so it must be time to reflect and see what has gone on and what we are going to get over the next few months on the Taupo tribs and the surrounding area.

dscn2008This winter has been a real mixed bag for all anglers, unless they read the conditions well and only fished when the rivers held extra water. If you didn’t then the trout fishing would have been very hard at times and probably would have put you off. As I have said before, I believe we have experienced a high mortality rate from the past few seasons and this has reflected in the lower numbers of spawning trout through all the rivers. In my opinion this is a good thing as nature is balancing out the system and so we should see better and bigger trout in all the rivers next year and the years to come. Less trout means more food for the remaining fish in the system!

dscf0002The Tongariro failed to fire this year in August and September. Yes they had a few good runs go through when the water levels were up but that was it. Whole sections of this huge water way have been barren for most of the season. I fished the town pools and the upper section hard for a whole month in July and was horrified with the lack of trout in there. If you wanted trout in the Tonagriro then you needed to fish the bridge pool with all the other anglers, YUCK!!!  I am looking forward to the summer fishing on the Tongariro as in my opinion it fished better in summer than it did over winter, the Browns are in there and there are a few FAT rainbows gobbling off the surface as well.

The Tauranga taupo was a perfect example of a winter run system, barren at times right througout its course to the winter limit when the water was low and then FULL of bright silver fat steel heads when the water table rose. I(‘m not sure if these runs made up for the quiet times but it was a fish a cast at times!! This can be an exceptional fishery over summer, I have seen some monsters in here at that time of year and it is a fantastic piece of water to stalk trout on with a dry and dropper using a 5# or smaller rod. This river does not get any pressure over summer!

dscf0176The Hinemaiaia had such a better year than last year, the pools on the lower side of the bridge have started to form and when the water was high it had a constant trickle of excellent trout going through. The Hine gets a pounding in April, May and June and then goes a bit quiet from anglers as they hit the major rivers further South. Apparently it will be open up to the cliff pool next winter season, this is a great move by DOC and I fully support it. There is a full days fishing from the bridge to the cliff!! It gets the hell dry fly action over summer as well in the upper pools and gets a few decent browns sitting in the lower 200 meters as well. Love the Hine over summer, Royal Wolf water from hell!!!

I had some excellent fishing in the Waitahanui early on in the season with some fantastic trout taken. I got my biggest of the season from here, being just over 7 pounds. It did have some fairly barren times though as we have not had too many westerly winds blowing this season. The trout have trickled in however and if you persisted on the Nui then you would have been well rewarded with some of the best trout in Taupo. This gets a good run of summer rainbows going into the lower section and the Browns of course are legendary for their size and numbers. There is nothing better than spending an afternoon sight fishing to these leviathans on a hot summers day!!

dscf0007-11I am really looking forward to the summer months on the Taupo tribs and of course we are not quite over the winter fishery. If we get rain and the river rise it will push in some fresh trout for sure. Just make sure you time it right. The Taupo fishery is WELL on the mend and I look forward to some fantastic fishing in the near future.

Tight Lines all.

Shane French