Forecast for May 2007

Shane French /

May 2, 2007

May has started with a hiss and a roar as far as the weather goes. The Tauranga Taupo rose to .900 which must have been some wall of water coming down, but then due to the low lake level it fell back to .400, there are fish in there at the moment.

The Tongariro has fished well over April and it will be interesting to see what the higher water level will do to the running fish over the next week or so.

The Hinemaiaia river closes at the end of the month so make the most of it while you can, it has been a slow start for this river but when it fires it will be AWESOME!!!

The Waitahanui has had a steady trickle of fish into it over the past three weeks but with the extra volume we have at the moment some good fishing will be had over the next week. Like the Hinemaiaia once the Winter Temp drops then it will come into its own.

On a serious note i watched DOC taking water samples at the Tauranga Taupo today, watching this happen brings the Didymo thing into perspective like nothing else. If you are coming from the South Island into the North PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR FISHING GEAR IS WASHED AND DRIED WELL..PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE…….

Tight lines for May and be safe on the water

Regards Shane And Lesley