Into The Taupo Trout Fishing Season We Go!

Shane French /

May 19, 2011

We have heaps to look forward to this season on the Taupo Rivers.

The very wet summer we had meant that all the rivers came up in flood numerous times and in doing so it has cleaned the pools out of snags and in general opened up new water. All the Rivers are in fantastic condition and are great to fish.

The condition of the 2011 winter trout season is going to be a big step up from the past 4 years. There have been some very good trout landed in the 5 to 7 pound range from all over the lake, including western bays. They are obviously getting enough food to give them that fat look and strength when fighting them. The numbers are down for this time of year but then winter hasn’t really set in and we need a few GOOD frosts to kick start it!

The Rips had a great summer and there were plenty of Browns to go around. These guys are still in the rivers and probably will be for most of the year. It is not unusual to catch Brown Trout in August anymore!

Glo Bugs are the go in the Taupo rivers over winter, especially after rain, when the rivers have a bit of colour. The spawning fish generally enter at this time in large numbers to spawn. In the process of spawning Eggs escape the Reid and are scoffed down by other trout!! Its a food source that is in the river and so is a good choice of fly! However when the rivers are flowing low and clear then naturals are still a good option.

When the rivers are running high and the flow is stronger, then the weight required to get down needs to be increased. For that fact I use an 8# in these conditions. My prefered weapon is the SAS by Kilwell. This is a beast of a rod and yet feels alot light than it’s weight suggests. It can handle anything I throw at it and thats saying a lot.

When the rivers are flowing lighter, then the old 6# comes into its own. Less noise on the water in general, (fly line, indicator and nymphs) means a more stealthy approach and that generally means more trout hooked up on.

So if you are planning a trip from Austraila to NZ over the next 5 months, to target our brutes, then I would bring both! I’m also doing Aussie deals for this time of year :)

So all in all I am excited about this season. I think Trout numbers may be down a little, but quality will be up and thats what I’m after.

Take care out there on the water

Regards Shane