Lake Taupo Trout Fishing, Guiding and Sales Report For The 08th Of November 2013

Shane French /

November 8, 2013



Hey all,

Welcome to Taupo Fishing. This site is dedicated to the art of Fly Fishing in Taupo and the North Island in general. Please browse the different pages and enjoy the content available.

We are blessed in New Zealand to have so much water available and the vast majority of it contains trout of some size or variety. Whether it is fishing a small stream, large river or one of the many lakes dotted around our country you are sure to encounter trout.  Brown trout were introduced from Tasmania in the late 1800’s with Rainbow Trout coming from Canada in the early 1900’s. The eggs were wrapped in wet moss and carefully transported over in sailing ships. At that stage Trout of either species were not native to New Zealand. Once they were established in the Wellington district they were gradually introduced to every part of New Zealand. The smaller feeder streams that entered the major water ways became perfect spawning grounds for these energetic fish and their population exploded. If you can gain access to clean water in New Zealand you will most likely find a population of trout!

DSCF0675My journey began as a young boy using a spinning rod and a Mother Of Pearl spinner in a small stream called the Ruarunga in the Milling town of Kawerau. This unlucky two pound Rainbow that I hauled out with very little expertise, was instant addiction to the sport, I have spent the last 38 years gaining as much knowledge in the art form of trout fishing as I could possibly get. It has enabled me to Guide New Zealander’s and overseas guests into some of the most remote beautiful spots in my country in search of large hard fighting Rainbows and Browns. In doing so I have invented numerous Nymph patterns that are tried and tested. I believe my nymphs are the best out there, all my trout that I take photo’s of have been caught with the flies available on my shop. As an ex chef I have developed a Rock salt specifically designed to enhance the flavor of Trout for either baking, frying, or my favorite, smoking them. These too can be bought from my shop.

So with that out of the way let me give you a run down of the Taupo and Central plateau fishery over the past seaon and a small insight to what lies ahead for anyone contemplating fishing our beautiful abundant waters.

DSCF1416Six years ago Lake Taupo had a bit of a glitch in the system. The natural mechanical system involved in making Nitrogen in the lake, (which kicks off the food process) broke down due to a very mild winter. This meant that the trout did not get the required food they needed and their condition deteriorated dramatically. We went from an average weight of 4 pounds down to 2.5 in one season. In short they were horrible skinny slabs. It was a very distressing time for Taupo fisherman and word of mouth quickly got out that the world famous Taupo trout were in trouble. When something so drastic happens to an echo system it does not just bounce back and we struggled for the following four years. There had been a drastic die off in trout numbers, so not only was the condition an issue but there were fewer trout caught as well. Two seasons ago, (2012) we noticed an increase in condition and numbers, it was a positive step forward, however we needed it to continue, I waited with baited breath for the 2013 season. It started off in a positive fashion with good numbers of well conditioned trout moving into all the Taupo Tributaries. However the start of the Taupo spawning season is when the large trout move in to set up their spawning reeds so this was common place, it needed to carry through.  May and June are very good indicator months to see what the season is going to be like and the 2013 season really fired. Even when the water levels were low, good numbers of Trout trickled in and they were all in great condition, fighting well above their weight. I consistently pulled out five and six pound trout in the 2013 season. I had been playing around with a few new Nymph patterns and these really worked for me. The Tungsten Bead Hairy Reaper was a Nymph I always had on. Normally a Dropper, (the weighted Nymph) is only for weight and really has no appeal to the trout. The Reaper takes about 40% of my trout, its a killer. The 2013 Taupo trout spawning season was a total success and I look forward to next year as I believe it will only get better.

DSCF0159For me the 2012 Back Country season was a mixed emotion season. I had a serious fall on a river early in March that stopped my guiding career. I tore lots of ligaments and did other nasty stuff within my knee that made me a little unstable over rough terrain and so I decided not to take the risk with clients and so bowed out for the season. In so saying that, once a week a friend and I would set off at a snail pace and fish. The goal was to catch as many trout as we could in new water on the Nymphs we were testing. The Winged Reaper and the Blue Bead reaper were stand out Nymphs for me. With the Black beauty and Flash back Caddis working wonders for Alex. We had some epic battles with huge trout in all sorts of water environments, from large boisterous rivers to small creeks filled with large Browns. It was a fantastic season and because of this I sell my Nymphs with total confidence, as I say they have been well and truly tried and tested.

IMG_0041This season which started on the 1st Of October and goes through till April and in some rivers June, has started a bit slow, due to the rain and general unsettled weather. Once things settle down from the spring rains we will start to get insect hatches, the trout will start to feed ravenously and we will be away. For me this is the epitome of  fly fishing. Light 5# rods, wet wading and sight fishing for Large feeding Browns and Rainbows, damn im getting excited writing about it :)

Although I no longer guide I am more than happy to reply to emails. If you have any questions about the Trout Fishing in the central North island then please contact me through this web site. I reply quickly and will answer with honesty, in short I just love talking fishing.

Be safe out there in our rugged bush and rivers and enjoy some of the pictures from last season, all caught on my Nymphs.

Regards Shane