Lake Taupo Winter Trout Fishing Season Kicks off with a Hiss and a Roar!!!

Shane French /

June 20, 2010

Hey All,

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I have been fishing this region for well over 30 years now and to date I have not seen a better start to the Winter fishing Season. Not only are the trout in fabulous condition but there are HEAPS of them entering all the rivers and streams. We have truly bounced back from the past few years of small skinny hideous trout. There is even a bit more water to explore now that the Hinemaiaia winter section has been expanded out above the bridge, all very good stuff.

At The Moment:

The Waitahanui was one of the few rivers fishable over the past two weeks due to the rain that New Zealand got as a whole. Being spring fed it stays clear unless we really get a drenching. There were some fantastic trout pulled out of here with many over the 6 pound mark. I myself have been busted off more times in the Nui this year than in any other year to date. I hooked a bloody monster a few weeks back that was like a freight train. My 8# SAS was like a noodle trying to control this leviathan of a fish. I have heard of similar reports from numerous good fisherman. This river is a real pleasure to fish and I fully recommend it to those who want a BIG trout out of Taupo. There are heaps of little secret spots on the Waitahanui and the trout get to rest in these places before moving on, this means they get less angling pressure overall.

The Hinemaiaia is another river that got a thrashing and bashing from anglers due to the wet stuff coming down. It was running high and coloured for a whole week but man were there some trout in there. Glo Bugs with darker colours do very well in the Hine when the water is like that and thats all you need! I had my best days guiding on the Hinemaiaia last week with well over twenty hook ups. Most of the trout coming out of here are around the 4 pound mark, but every so often you hook up onto something VERY big!! As I mentioned the water above the bridge for about 2.5 KM is now open over winter. This section is a real pleasure to explore but a little snaggy. It pays to know where to place your flies!! I have to say at the moment the Hine is my favorite river in Taupo.

The Tauranga Taupo was high and un fishable for over a week and I think this gave the trout a bit of time to move through. Reports that have come through mention not as many trout in there as there should be after the rain. The best time to get in there is when the water comes up and then drops off fast, this leaves the trout in the middle section in large numbers. Some of the TT trout have been in the best condition of any trout in Taupo, fat and silver. The River Mouth has been doing very well I believe. Champ Red dot Glow bugs always do well in the TT.

The Tongariro. I am a little disappointed in this major river system. It was high for the same time as the Tauranga Taupo but when it dropped to a regular flow the trout were hard to find. My suggestion of moving around to try and find them did not work for me the other day on the Tonagriro and I had to move to another river system to get a trout. Last year the fish didn’t move above the main road bridge until August and so maybe starting down low would be a good option. If they are not there head up into the boulder reach area and then maybe drop back to the Hydro or Admirals section. The Tongariro is a huge river and they can be anywhere in there!

Out on the lake we have had some very calm weather and the boats have been having a blast, almost being to easy at times!!

Enjoy your fishing and tight lines.

Regards Shane