Looking back at September and forward to October

Shane French /

October 6, 2007

Hey all,

COLD!!!!!I spent most of September sick ,so my own personal trips on the Taupo Rivers were limited. The times that I did get out, I was not that impressed. Fish numbers were still there but the quality at times was appalling. I would not be surprised if next years trout are as bad if not a little worse than this seasons. I keep telling myself “time will tell on this one” and I hope it’s just a little trough for the fishery. for more topics like this one check out the forum over the next week, I am going to edit and introduce more topics.

Whats Install For Us Over October.

The water for most of New Zealand opened up at the start of October. Anglers found many of their favorite waters high, Dirty and unfishable. It has been a wet start to October, winter is still in the air.

dscf1589.JPGApparently the Tongariro will have an excellent month in both quantity and quality, according to DOC. I intend to fish this river hard over the next 6 months. It is beautiful and holds many opportunities, fishing wise. Sorry Ross, I’m coming! You have to have a good selection of flies in the box to fish the Tongariro at this time of year. They certainly are not JUST going for Glo Bugs. Have some dries with you as well, there is the odd trout coming to the surface in all the rivers at the moment. The Sun is hot when it breaks through. Caddis, Flash back PT, Small Hair and Coppers should all be used now. Hope to see you on this River.

Upper Tauranga TaupoI love the Tauranga Taupo, I get excited, (not a pretty thing to see) everytime I visit this water. The combination of deeper slow pools, (Waitahanui) and larger water, (Tongariro) make for an excellent all round river with easy wading and good walking tracks. It is a bloody long hall to the top pools and so angling pressure is not always high up there. The water in between is nothing short of spectacular. I still vividly remember my first visit to the TT, I was Gob Smacked at the availability of fishing water. You strike this river on the right day, and MAN! It should fish well, late into November.When the water is low and clear deffinatly use summer fishing Techniques.

The beautiful HinemaiaiaThe Hinemaiaia is like a little EverReady Battery, it just keeps going. I have had some excellent fishing on here over the past two weeks. Some of the trout are not great but they are still good sport. I fished this last week with two Australian clients. The water was up and there was no one else there. We landed six and dropped seven, spread over the whole lower river.

The majestic Waitahanui RiverI believe the Waitahanui has had one of the worst years I have fished it and that is 30 something. Small runs and at times very lean fish. At times the conditions have been out of this world for running trout to enter, and yet the lower section would almost be barren. This is not just my opinion but all of the regular Waitahanui River fisherman have reported the same too. Lets hope next year or the one after that is better. Doc need to pull finger on this river as well, the tracks are muddy and it needs a clean up. The very fast trim on some of the tracks does not warrant $81.00

I hope you all have a safe October, Hopefully the back country water will clear and there will be Hundreds of hungry rainbows and Browns for you to plunder. Please try to catch and Release these waters as the large fish are breeders and ensure the rivers re stock.

Regards Shane