Looking at January 2008

Shane French /

January 4, 2008

Hey all,

dscf0007_final.JPGAnother year is upon us and we have the best of the summer fishing to look forward to. The smelt are starting to show up on this side of the lake and it is wise to have some smelt flies in your box when fishing the rips. Green Woolly buggers are still an excellent choice especially ones with UV flash in the tail. Some nice Browns are being landed both in the rips and harling out the front of the lodge.

dscf2029_final.JPGThe Tongariro is FULL of trout at the moment with rainbows fresh and spent right throughout the river system. A report back from Brendon Mathews was that the Browns are in good numbers very low down in this river. I walked the lower section yesterday and saw a few but as yet they haven’t made themselves known in any large numbers. The dry fly has taken a few now and will only get better.

dscf2076_final.JPGI also fished the Tauranga Taupo a few days ago and was happily surprised with the number of excellent fish in this river. It is a pleasant walk up there, is easy to wade and you have every possibility to catch a decent trout. Try that fast bubbly water with a dry and dropper, easy to cast and fun to watch it disappear into a feeding trouts mouth.

dscf2159_final.JPGThe Hine still has fish going through as well. A five pounder came out this morning from the steps pool at 9.0am, taken on a well sunk pheasant tail, this apparently was a beautiful fish. Another great little stream to wander up fishing all the fast little riffles.

dscf2168_final.JPGThe Waitahanui is slowly getting some Browns coming in, try first thing in the morning in the lower reaches and then maybe the middle and upper pools after that, watch the water close in from the banks, remember some of these Browns are huge and are excellent fun on light gear.

dscf2247_final.JPGAll the back country rivers are fishing well with most of the trout being in fantastic condition. With the extra food in the system they are only going to get fatter as the month goes on, please put these guys back after taking a few shots of them.

Take care out there and enjoy the start of the new year.

Regards Shane