Looking Back at April and forward to May

Shane French /

May 9, 2008

Hey all.

Wet Wet Wet would describe April and we needed it.

Ready for the smokerThe Tauranga Taupo and the Tongariro climbed alarmingly and didn’t come back down to a fishable state for around 5 days. Even the Hinemaiaia was out of action for a full four days! The good old Waitahanui coloured up and then cleared the next day to a beautiful colour with perfect flow. It got a thrashing by anyone wanting to fish decent water! I found the trout to be in excellent condition and most sitting around the 4 to 4.5 pound mark. There were a few stories of 9 pounders coming out as well. The flood changed the Hinemaiaia Rip and the entrance to the TT is in devastation with debris scattered everywhere.

Fat and silver, just under size too!I believe May will be the same as last year and that was a little quiet. The Waitahanui has fish scattered throughout its lower to middle reaches and a good days fishing can see you walk these three sections. Take your time through the water and wear polarized glasses. Yes i fish blind in those deep pools but this river is gin clear and spotting is easy.

The Hinemaiaia rip changing its flowThe uppers close on the Hinemaiaia after May and I would expect a run or two to go through before this happens. Last year the fishing really never came on until after June. The rip is not in the best place at the moment for this river to attract trout and this may have some bearing on this river. It won’t be long before the river burst through the front section at the rip and it goes straight out again!

Bank errosion on the Tauranaga TaupoThe Tauranga Taupo should be fishing well, I would expect trout to be everywhere in here. I am about to go for a good long walk in here today and so will tell you tonight.

Nice little Brown, full coloursThe Tongariro has been unfishable more than fishable over the past month, (it seems) however there are fish right through this river. I heard a report in that the condition is not too flash on some of these. Souds like you need to come to the Waitahanui!

Winter is making itself known at times. There is plenty of snow on the mountain and also on the Kaimanawa’s. Bring ya winter woollies if you come this way.

Please join the forum, we are trying to raise public awareness on Didymo and want as much support behind us before we take it to the next level.

Have a great May

Regards Shane