Looking back at August and forward to September

Shane French /

September 1, 2007

Hinemaiaia River belowe the bridgeAugust was a wet month in the Taupo district. Because of this all the rivers fished well, with the outstanding river for me being the Hinemaiaia. It received some good runs of Jacks followed by large numbers of Hens, most of them being in good condition. The water was very high for 10 days straight and the fish ran!

The Tongariro although full of fish had some shocking specimens and appalling pressure at times from anglers. This river is due for a run of good fish and traditionally the pressure starts to drop a wee bit.

The Tauranga Taupo fished well with plenty of smaller silver bullets going through, pressure has been high at times, and the water level dropped very quickly at the last part of August to make fishing challenging.

The Waitahanui sort of got its act together near the end of August with a few decent runs going through. The water was in excellent condition with volume of water. The Rip produced some excellent fishing on and off with a few fish over seven pounds coming out and one over ten at the end of the month.


Better fish in the system to look forward to.September for the past few years has been one of the best Winter months for running Trout, and this year will be no different. We should look forward to better quality Trout however as the late running fish have filled up on more food over these past months.

I believe that the Waitahanui will come into its own this month as the rip is in great condition and there are fish building up off the lip. Pressure has been light on this tributary all season!

Don’t forsake the Hinemaiaia as like all other rivers it is having a late season. Some of that water below the bridge holds fish all day and can be a delight to fish.

dscf1465.JPGI had my best month in September last year on the Tauranga Taupo and am really looking forward to getting on there this month, I have a few new flies to try out if the water level is low as well. Red Nymphs work well at this time of year on the Tauranga Taupo, so Dutch CDC’s and Smoots Bloody Maries are a good option to have in your fly box as well as the Glo Bugs.

The mighty Tongariro will get some nice fish going through this month, according to DOC. It certainly needs it!! Green Caddis work well in September and you should defiantly have these in your fly box . Actually this little nymph works well throughout the season on this river!

So for me I am excited about the next month on the water, get here if you can as it could be the best fishing all season.

Tight Lines for September