Looking back at January and Forward to February 2008

Shane French /

February 1, 2008

Hey all,

January was HOT weather wise, summer arrived!

dscf1185_final.JPGOut the front of the Lodge and down to the Waitahanui Rip Harling was excellent on both the changes of light. Gold bodied Ginger Micks, Green Bodied Green Orbits and Green woolly buggers all taking fish. Some of these silver fatties where undersized but all looked in good nick. The Browns also turned up!

dscf2076_final.JPGThe Rips fired at different times of the day and night with a few great Brown trout taken in the latter. I have introduced a few people to this exciting form of Trout fishing and all have taken to it and stuck with it. This time of year it adds another string to your bow.

The Waitahanui, had good numbers of Brown Trout enter and there is the odd very nice rainbow in there as well. No pressure on this system. Don’t be shy in drifting down a Glowie while fishing the Waitahanui!

The Hinemaiaia can be the dark horse in Taupo over summer. There is plenty of overhanging vegetation in this quiet, tranquil small River and so Cicadas can be lethal, February is the peak time for Cicada fishing, don’t be afraid to tie on a small bead head Nymph at least a meter underneath.

dscf2414_final.JPGThe Tauranga Taupo rip produced some great fishing apparently. I have a friend who fishes it religiously and had some great night down there. Always check this rip out before you wade it, this is one rip that I would not want to have a swim in.

The Tongariro has had its flow increased now for a month. I haven’t fished this great piece of water for a wee while but traveling over the bridge you can see the extra flow. I must try and get out to the Delta and have a fish at night time, man I bet there are some HUGE Brownies there.

dscf2394_final.JPGdscf2407_final.JPGBackcountry was where I spent all my time in January and it was a fantastic month. Very little wind and rain meant that all my water was VERY fishable and I had some excellent days with clients. Watch the slime on the rocks it is building up! Little black nymphs, hair and coppers and anything tiny and flashy seemed to work wonders in January.

Looking Forward to February…

More Brown in all the rips!!

Try the Waitahanui, very little pressure and a great day stalking these big fish.

The Hine needs Dry fly and dropper used this month, nice long leader and stalk the ripples and fast water.

The Tauranga Taupo is just a great river to walk up slowly with a good pair of Polaroids and sneakers. I believe small Nymphs on very light leader and the smallest indicator possible, would see you having a great day.

dscf2425_final.JPGUMMMM the Tongariro I have no idea what the extra flow is going to do. I had a quick look at it the other day and some of the pools look WONDERFUL, with deep clean looking water. If the fish are not in the shallow water along the edges then you will almost have to fish Winter Style techniques, with heavy Nymphs. Try that wet line as well though, small green Woolly buggers and Hamill Killers should see you hooked up.

Western Bays should be a good spot to spend a nice afternoon Jigging the shelves and stalking the shallow water with a floater and smealt fly. I heard that it has not been fishing very well leading up to February but with this spell of Hot weather it should help things to fire up.

Hope you all have a safe Feb and see you on the water.

Regards Shane