Looking back at July and forward to August

Shane French /

August 7, 2007

Hey all

A relaxing view of the Waitahanui early morningIf you are new to taupofishing.co.nz ,then welcome. Please feel free to look around my web site. All of the photos in the gallery, both Scenic and Trout, can be found close to Lake Taupo, we live in a beautiful part of the New Zealand country. The forum is active and has some excellent fisherman contributing to thoughts and queries.

We got the rain in JulyJuly was much wetter than June, (thank God) and because of the extra flow most of the rivers had some very good runs of Trout go through. The disappointing factor in this was the shame full condition of the fish landed. I had many double figure days with clients and myself alike,with not one of the fish landed in good Winter condidtion, it was really frustrating.

It was in July that many anglers started to question what was going on with our Trout and so DOC became involved. They believe the best runs of Trout and general condition of the fish will get better as the season progresses. Once again the best fishing will be in September, October, and November. When you look at it like that then us as anglers have a lot to look forward to. However if DOC are wrong and the quality is still piss poor it will raise a few eyebrows and maybe some voices, only time will tell on this issue.

August has taken off with a hiss and a roar with some good quality Trout moving into the rivers.

The Tauranga Taupo has been high but fishable for the past week, getting down to the fish can be difficult in these conditions so fish the slower water off to the side. Sometimes they are in VERY close.

Small skinny Trout from the TongariroThe Tongariro has had a few spectacular days with fish numbers. There are some nice ones in there but this river seems to have the highest number of smaller fish and by far the highest numbers of anglers. This is a big river, if you don’t like crowds then go for a walk and find a secluded spot, sometimes these places are where the trout have been forced by angling pressure, into.

A good one from JulyThe Hine has fished well on and off over the past week and looks like it is going to have a late season as well. The water is high at the moment with a good constant supply of Jacks. The rip was strong when I looked at it this afternoon and will certainly produce on the change of light. It will be interesting to see how late into the season the old Hinemaiaia fishes till.

Good fishing weather, AugustThe Waitahanui is having a bad year, (up to this point). Maybe it will get better, maybe it is just going to be a poor year for it!! Probably the most heartening thing about the Waitahanui is the quality of Trout in there. All season it has been the river to beat for conditioned fish. It doesn’t get the angling pressure of the other rivers, and because of this if you strike it right the fishing can be excellent. The Rip looks magnificent, (thanks fishing Gods). It is deep and has good flow. If you strike it right on this rip the fishing is nothing short of fabulous. Gets the hell angling pressure though!!

An excellent month coming up with all the rivers in great fishing condition.

Regards Shane