Looking back at June and forward to July

Shane French /

July 4, 2008

Hey All,

dscf0004.JPGfirstly if you are new to Taupofishing.co then welcome. This site is updated daily(or every few days). Click on the fishing report icon to take you through to that page, (ok Gary!!!!) In a few weeks time I am having stage three of the web site completed. This will enable me to have video’s on the site and the web site will be more stream lined.

dscf0002.JPGJune fired quite nicely as far as I was concerned. We had some rain and the cold weather certainly turned up in force. Instead of getting a huge amount of rain, flooding the rivers and then weeks of fine weather afterwards, we got plenty of rain all June followed by howling westerlies. This is great for making the trout run.

dscf0017.JPGThe Waitahanui has been the stand out river for me. All the fish I have hooked into here have been solid! Last week there was a good run of big Hens that went through. I landed a few and got busted off by a few more. I am only using Glo Bugs now and don’t be afraid to go big.

dscf0037.JPGThe Hinemaiaia is fishing really well at the moment. The water level is higher than normal and with the cold spell we are having, it has trout continuously running. The rip has straightened out the front and this will be excellent to have a play in over the next few months, (I am twitching at the thought).

dscn1427.JPGMan the poor old Tauranga Taupo. This river is either dry or in flood! I know the river mouth has fished very well after dark but I have not fished the river for some time and so don’t really have a report for there. I ‘NEED” to get down there for a look see.

The Tongariro├é has and is fishing well. I have had some excellent sessions on here both Nymphing and wet lining. If you don’t wet line then I fully suggest you learn this technique. One of the days that I slayed them wet lining almost all of the nymphers were walking around with NO fish. Red rabbits when overcast and green woolly buggers otherwise.

sunset-dscn1314.JPGJuly is going to awesome! We have front after front moving across the North island bringing rain and wind, these are just the conditions needed for our fishery. The condition of the trout is excellent and all the rivers are in great nick. If you can get down here then July will be a good month to do it.

Take care out there

Regards Shane