Looking back at June and Forward to July

Shane French /

July 6, 2007

Hey all,

A cold June morning on the lower TongariroAlthough June did turn out wetter than May, The rivers were still low for winter conditions by the Start of July. By far the best river to be on was the Tongariro. I did well in the lower reaches Wet Lining and there were consistent reports of good fishing from this tributary all month. The condition and size of the fish was low for May, with many of these fish being undersized and or thin. There were a few nice ones amongst them though! The Tauranga Taupo fished well after the rain it received but drained quickly and became harder to fish. The Hinemaiaia finally got off its arse and had some great runs go through, again when the water level was high. We had a whole week of frosts and the Hine rip fired under these conditions, I had some excellent fishing from this rip over May. The Waitahanui had a brief flash of brilliance and then died again. so far it has not been a good year for this fantastic river. The rip has been shocking for some time now and I fully believe this will have a bearing on the running fish. I am pleased to say that the rip this month is looking spectacular!!

So what for July!!!!!!!

One of the nice ones from the WaitahanuiIt has been a wet start to the month, with the Tauranga Taupo unfishable for a whole week now. Winter has come and the fish have started to run, (sort of rhymes). All the rivers have come up in volume over the past week and with the Lake levell increasing, it will take a little while for the water to run off. Good numbers of fish should move into the rivers in the next week or so, fishing should be hot.

The Waitahanui rip is now looking fantastic. It has a great drop off and a deep gut going through it, fish should be attracted to this piece of water. Hopefully it will make the river fire. The Hinemaiaia has continued to fish well this month and because of the late start, hopefully will carry on for some time. Due to all the rivers South of it being unfishable these two rivers have had heaps of angling pressure!

Swan on the WaitahanuiIf and when the Tauranga Taupo clears or drops below six, it should be good fishing. I wonder if the fish have moved through or if the water level just kept them holding. Only one way to find out, huh. All my little lairs and sneaky pieces of water may be gone or full of snags!! I will use this excuse on Lesley, to gain a days pass on it. Pure reconnaissance, I promise not to enjoy myself.

The Tongariro is having a great month, (when fishable) The size and condition of the Trout has increased dramatically. For a much more in depth report on this river and Turangi in general, Ross Bakers www.tongarirorivermotel.co.nz Although struggling with fishing skills he is an excellent source of knowledge on this river.(smile)

Take care out there on the water and tight lines for July

Regards Shane