looking back at May and forward to June 2007

Shane French /

June 2, 2007

A good Jack taken on the WaitahanuiIf there was one deciding factor in the equation for a lack of fish in May, it would be RAIN. There just wasn’t any around to boost the river systems and make the fish run. We had two good downpours which rose the water table on most of the tributaries and fishing was hot for a short time afterwards, but once it dropped and stayed low it was back to low clear and hard conditions!

One of the few cold mornings in MayThe upper sections of all rivers as well as Lake Otamangakau closed on the 31st of May. There certainly weren’t alot of trout taken prior to the clossing so it will be interesting to see what the late running fish do to boost the stocks in years to come. More fish in the upper sections means more fish spawning! The cold, I believe has had a small part to play in the lack of fish as well. The Hinemaiaia which kicks off when the frosts arrive has been terribly slow this season, with one decent run going through to date. It has been very warm with 18 deg days and nights only dropping to 9 deg. “Bring on the cold weather” I say.

Whats going to happen in June?

A quiet pool on the Waitahanui River, upper sectionOne thing is for sure there must be a heap of trout out there needing to get in and spawn. This means that you are going to pick up some VERY fat Hens bursting with eggs. Once you open these fish up you will see that there is very little meat on the wings as they have had to loose condition there to accommodate the egg sacks. Please have a second thought about putting them back because of this, there will still be some great conditioned fish in the system for taking home to the family. The Delta apparently is fishing very well at the moment which is a sign a run is building up out the front on the Tongariro. The Hinemaiaia must be getting ready to full up with the first available rain due to being an early spawning river and not firing yet. The Waitahanui has been CRAP for weeks now and didn’t receive any of the last rain the other systems got in May so is Low and clear with the rip being effected because of this. The first time we get some good rain and wind this river is going to be HOT.

So in short we need Rain, cold and wind to make it feel like Winter and convince these Trout to hit the systems, bring it on!

A nice example of a Jacks JawPlease feel free to join the forum board on that page. We have some excellent topics to discuss and there are some very good anglers there to help with questions. We have also had some Google adds placed on the Fishing Report Page and Forum Page. Some of these are really interesting to look at, they change regularly so have a look. Stop by the shop some time to say hello and get an up to date report on the rivers and rips in the area.

Tight Lines for June Regards Shane