Looking back at November and forward to December

Shane French /

December 5, 2007

Hey all,

Before I start the report, I would just like to let you know the Photo gallery will be under construction for a few days.

Back country BrownNovember was a great month for the Taupo fishery and the rivers just outside our zone. Very little rain meant all the back country rivers were very fishable. It seems the winter has been a good one for these waters as the average size of the fish has increased from last year. Some of the more accessable water has already had a bashing with the fish being very spooky. The cicadas are starting to chirp at the moment so for all you fisherman who love this type of fishing it should be a very good season.

releasing a nice oneThe local Taupo rivers fished brilliantly through November with the stand out river being the Tongariro. This mighty piece of water was and is holding huge quantities of trout with very little pressure. They are taking dry flies at times but I have been very successful with size 16 copper Johns and Claret nymphs. If you enjoy summer fishing techniques give this a go.

That time of yearLike wise the Tauranga Taupo fished very well through November and there was NO one on the water for most of it. The most cars I saw in the car park at any one stage was 3 all month! Same routine for the Tongariro, go small and be stealthy.

Swirl pool, Waitahanui upper sectionThe Hine and the Waitahanui slowed down in November, (actually the Waitahanui never fired at all) although the Hinemaiaia had a good run go through at the end of November. This meant there were fresh trout in the upper river on opening day. I have had no reports in from the two rips and so will have to get off my bum and go fish them, (I hate that).

Whats install for December?

Just above Red Hut, Tonagriro riverIt will be interesting to see what the extra flow on the Tongariro will do to the summer fishing. The Trout may sit closer in to the banks and make it easier, or it may be a bloody mission to fish full stop. Remember, when the flow was at normal all those years ago, wet lining was the method used, it will be interesting to see how the summer styled Nymphing copes with the extra volume. Crossings will not be possible and so many parts of the river will become harder to access. This is a good thing for those who enjoy exploring. I have heard rumors that it will flush out the accumulated silt from all those years at reduced flow. I believe it could help, and certainly may do this for the upper pools, however it may further damage the lower section which is not as fast flowing. It will also be interesting to see what it does to the Delta, remember the silt and accumulated crap has to end up somewhere!

upper HinemaiaiaThe upper parts of all Taupo rivers opened this month. They all got a severe pounding due to it being a Saturday. Apparently the upper TT had been like Queen street on the Saturday and by Sunday the fish were darting away at the sight of a fly line. The Hinemaiaia feared no better and although some nice trout were landed, angling pressure made it frustrating for most. Please return these spawned out fish as carefully as you can. I know it is not always that easy but some consideration should be used.

Lake Fishing is coming along as well. The fish are not huge but are fat and silver with good pink flesh.

I hope you all have a great and safe Christmas out there. be safe on the roads and tight lines to all.

Regards Shane, Lesley and the kids