Looking Back At October and Forward To November

Shane French /

November 9, 2007

Hey all

dscf1726.JPGOctober was a wet one, all the rivers came up a few times over this month. I was on the Tauranga Taupo one day and watched in horror as the river rose and inch per minute, I was on the wrong side too!!! Fish wise it was the same as any other month this season. Plenty of them about but a very mixed bag. We are going to get all those kelts coming back down now and so the uglie catch rate may even get worse. All the rivers had fish go through them in October, even the Hinemaiaia had some good fishing at times and NO pressure. October also saw the kick off for angling in many parts of the country. The weather was terrible and many, if not all North island rivers were unfishable. The best is yet to come and I am really looking forward to getting into some of these back country places.

dscf1689.JPGNovember, (and yes I am only just getting around to writing this) is a great month. The fresh fish are still coming in and there are plenty of older fish to make the indicator pop under, plenty of action all round. If you are fishing the Tongariro take some dry flies with you, Hummpies and Royal Wolf are always good to have in your box. Glo bugs are and will take fish right through the month but defiantly have Hair and Coppers, Copper Johns, Green caddis, size 16 Quasimodo Pheasant Tail, some sort of little Black nymph with a touch of Claret is an excellent choice as well.

The Hinemaiaia and upper parts of all the Taupo systems open at the end of November. I need not say more, Yummy!

Great news on the Didymo scare, it seems this shitty little weed is still the poor old Souths problem.

Tight Lines for November