Looking Forward to August

Shane French /

August 3, 2008

Hey All,

dscf3580.JPGThis month there should be some changes to the overall look of the Web Site and of course the much anticipated video feed. I would like to think it will change over without incidence but who knows, thank you for your patience.

July was an incredibly wet one and i’m sure when the stats come in it may be one of the wetter July’s on records. All the rivers rose with the Tauranga Taupo getting to 2.5 and the Tongariro 555, thats 21 times it’s normal flow!! The lake level has risen dramatically over the month with the last week being quite scary to watch. Great for the power company and the North Island as a whole.

dscf3645.JPGThe quality of Trout coming out of the Taupo rivers is well up on last year, (thank God). There a still a few skinny ones around but by far they are fat and hard fighters. The new problem facing DOC is the size of them, they are smaller than we are used to and that could be a bit of a problem. A few anglers out there are starting to ask the question about Jigging! This is certainly targeting those larger fish that have never been fished at before. It needs to be addressed and unlike the bull shit with the size limit, DOC need to be looking at it quickly.

dscf3646.JPGThe Waitahanui: This had a few quiet spells in July but in general it fished very well and as I have said before the best Trout are coming out of the Nui. Champagne Orange Dot Glo Bugs in size 10 doing a great job for me in here. The Rip has come alive as well with some very good fish coming out of this on change of light. The river has just burst through the bank half way down the straight and this will be interesting to see what develops over the month.

dscf3691.JPGThe Hinemaiaia has had a huge amount of water go through in July and the pools and runs have changed considerably because of it. I lost a heap of gear in there the other day for one small Trout. I will need to have a good look at this river once it drops in volume. At the moment it is a raging torrent and will have changed again. The good news is the rip has once again formed and is looking really nice.

dscf3710.JPGThe poor old Tauranga Taupo. Hell I don’t think this river dropped below .500 all month and again it is well up. I have been spending a bit of time just above the main road bridge and the other day guided on the upper section as well. There is some awesome water that has opened up and it fished very well with some nice fat trout landed. DOC have their work cut out for them as most of the tracks are well and truly destroyed from the continuous flooding. They are going to need to look at this river closely as they are losing ground in many places, (more rock walls guys).

dscf3581.JPGThe Tonagriro has either been all on or all off. This river has been the black sheep of Taupo quality wise. A couple of very good anglers who spent a few days on there complained about the terrible quality of the trout coming out of there and that they struggled to get onto good fish. Then a few days later a very good run of excellent trout came through and everyone was hooking up on 4 pound plus trout. Goes to show that if you are not hooking into them then you need to have other options up your sleeve, maybe even a different river.

Looking forward to August.

Well we are truly into the swing of things and it is only going to get better over the next few months. August is normally the time that the Tongariro gets it big runs of good fish coming through and all the other rivers should have good numbers as well. Night time fishing has always been a favourite of mine in August so don’t overlook this.

Be safe out there and tight lines for August