Looking forward to June 2008

Shane French /

June 3, 2008

Yes I am looking forward to June, as May was crap!!!

dscf0007.JPGIt did this to us last year with May being a very hard month and then June picking up in all rivers. At present all rivers need a little rain and since we haven’t had a decent blow on the eastern side for quite some time this would be welcome as well.

dscf0034.JPGThe Waitahanui is by far producing the best trout out of all the rivers and I would expect this to be the norm for the entire year. The rip is looking great at the moment and will be attracting trout into the area. In so saying the Area out the front of the lodge was very hard fishing over the long weekend for boats.

dscn1650.JPGMan there must be a truck load of trout waiting to go up the Hinemaiaia as the runs have not started there at all. one or two fish are dribbling in but things are very hard in this river. As I have said before I believe the problem is with the rip, in short it is piss!!When this fires, (and it will) there will be fish everywhere here.

The Tauranga Taupo needs water at the moment and although the trout are entering this river the conditions are making things very hard here. The river mouth is the best place to be, on the change of light.

dscn2038.JPGThe Tongariro also had a hard month in May. There were fish in there but they seemed to have their mouths firmly shut. Someone suggested they freaked out when the water level dropped due to maintenance being completed in conjunction with the dam. Sounded good to me, as I was one of the anglers struggling here and having an excuse sounded good.


June has to be better than May, thats my prediction!

have fun out there and be safe on the water.

Regards Shane