Looking forward to September

Shane French /

September 3, 2008

Hey All,

dscf3502.JPGIf you are new to this web site welcome! We have just had a Video part installed and I hope to get some fishy action on there whenever possible.

dscf2425.JPGAugust was a very wet month around Taupo and all the rivers went into flood at some stage. Some of them stayed that way for days on end. Makes it a little hard to tell if there have been good runs into the rivers when you can’t see the bottom!!

dscf2399.JPGThe condition of the trout is well up on last year but length is proving to be an issue this season. There werewhole groups of trout moving through all the rivers that were just legal, (45 cm). Then just as everyone started bithching and moaning, (me encluded) a good group of 4 to 4.5 pounders would move in and make most anglers happy. Overall fish are still short but in better condition overall.

dscf2612.JPGDOC have issued a statement suggesting the biggest and best runs will come through over the next three months.

dscf2589.JPGThe Waitahanui is fishing better than last year, however there are still times when it seems empty. The rip is strong and fish are coming out of there at different times of the day and night. Best flies are Heave and Leaves at this time sunk well on a heavy line. Brown Woolly Buggers are a good option first thing in the morning as well, try a size 8. Like all the Taupo rivers quality is good on the Waitahanui. It had a really good run of silver BROWNS go through two weeks ago, whats with that at this time of year!!!

dscf3693.JPGThe Hinemaiaia and surrounding area got a pounding from the rain and they had to release a heap of water from the dam.This made it virtually unfishable for long periods of time. Good news is that most of the new snags in the lower section have disappeared and there is some very nice water to cast into. I went in there at the start of this month and landed a few good fish and was dealt to by a few better ones. Go the Hine! The rip is a bit funny to spot at times due to the lake level being so high. The Hatepe lake front has all but disappeared with the level.You can wade out to the sandy ledge on this rip but you have to go through a deep patch first, check it out during the day first. With the high water levels I have been using Orange, Red Dot Glo Bugs in size 10. Give em something to look at.

dscf3711.JPGThe Tauranga Taupo looks fantastic at the moment, the water level is sitting around the .400 mark and all the pools have had a good clean out over the winter months. Go for a walk up this river and take your time through the pools. A well drifted Hair and copper during the day can be the go on this water. Glo Bugs first up, although when the fish are there, they will take these tasty morsels all day. Inside the river mouth looks deep and fishy!!

dscf3710.JPGDown on the Tongariro is the same as most months, if aren’t catching them move, they are certainly in there. Try a few different flies as well. Red Bodied Copper Johns in size 16, the Green Caddis of course and Quasimodo flash backs could be tried as well as Glo Bugs. The bridge Pool has been getting a flogging as has the Braids. Fish are almost guaranteed first thing in the morning if you can find a spot!


September apparently is going to be a good month and from previous years this would seem correct. I am looking forward to some bigger fish moving through and maybe a little bit of settled weather along with it.

Tight lines to all out there

Regards Shane