Looking Forward to the 2012 Winter trout Fishing season

Shane French /

April 1, 2012


Hey there welcome to the Taupo Fishing web site, this page will give you some details on our Winter fishery and a few deals that I will have going over this period.

It looks like the Wild Taupo Fishery has bounced back from the previous years of underweight trout. The food source has increased therefore the trout are getting what they need to be fat and healthy, they are certainly fighting well above their average 3.5 pound mark.

Rivers that I can guide you on!

The Waitahanui:

Spring fed, this is the closest River to the Taupo township, however it does not get the pressure one would expect because of this. The only time the Nui, (as locals call it) gets an angling bashing, is when all the other rivers in the region are flooded out. The Nui stays clear for much longer, before becoming un fiahable. This is a specialist river, especially in winter. The short deep pools need a certain style of Winter fishing that most anglers are amazed at once they see the technique. It has beautiful scenery and is a joy to be on at any stage. I believe through my 37 years of fishing it, that the best trout come from this river. The River mouth is famous for the “Picket fence” style rip fishing. The”Rip”, is where the main flow of the river enters the lake. At certain times of the day, trout congregate around this area, before running the river to spawn. Rip fishing is a skill in itself and one that I have been enjoying for decades.

The Hinemaiaia:

A short trip over the hill sees you on a small stream known locally, as the Hine, (short for Hinemaiaia). Although I still believe the Waitahanui has the biggest trout on average, the Hine is right up there as well. Most anglers new to the sport leave this river completely alone, once they encounter the MANY snags and fallen Kanuka trees that make up this magnificent fishery. Again, certain tactics have to be employed on this water to get the best days fishing from it. The winter limit on the Hine has been moved up from the State Highway 1 bridge as of the 1st of June and so more water is available to fish. If you do wade this river please be mindful of the fish beds that are being used by spawning trout, they appear as clean patches in the gravel. The scenery on the Hinemaiaia is for me the best in the area. It has magnificent kanuka and Native trees all the way to the river edge and due to a certain member of DOC and his Stoat, Weasel and Rat trapping program, the bird life is amazing. Well done Dave.

The Tauranga Taupo:

This is a massive fishery! You can fish the river mouth at night or spend an entire day walking up to Rangers Pool, (Winter Limit), or if you are keen enough and the water above is open, then there are a few more KM’s of scenic beauty to be explored and fished above it. Some anglers struggle on the TT, (Tauranga Taupo). They try to cast to far, to soon and end up spooking the trout. I have a killer rig for the TT, that I have worked on for several years and fish the river from the State Highway 1 Bridge up. This is an amazing river when there are fish in here and in my opinion they fight the hardest from any stream in Taupo. There are certain times when this medium sized river fishes best and that is certainly local knowledge. If you fish it outside of these conditions then it will be a nice day exploring for you but the fishing may be a little hard!

The Waimarino:

This is small and snaggy and owes me a thousand flies!! However when it is on, it is the ducks nuts of streams, get the conditions wrong and like the TT it will be a nice walk. There have been a few cars broken into around this river and so watch where you park. The Waimarino is prone to flooding due to its large catchment and small size of the water, this means it changes from one flood to another and at the time I am writing this is not very deep in many places at all. In previous winters this has been one of my favorite fisheries but due to the break in’s and poaching the quality has dropped off somewhat. :(

The Waiotaka:

I started fishing this very small stream a few years ago and didn’t think very much of it. The pools were full of snags and it was hard going in general. There is a nice section that I do fish now, on a regular basis but like all the other rivers if you get the timing wrong on this fella, you won’t be having trout for tea!! The tracks have been let go by DOC or whoever was looking after them and it is a bloody nightmare and dangerous to boot, watch your footing on theĀ  river banks.

The Mighty Tongariro:

Gaahhhh where to start. This is a huge system and at times trout can be caught right throughout its length, however it can also be a task to get onto them, when they are hiding!! :( . This means being able to find a spawning run and follow them through the river. Angling pressure can sometimes be an issue for the Tongariro, but it is a large river system, that can be fished from both sides and so finding a piece of solitude, (hopefully with trout in it), can be done. The Tongariro has huge Brown trout and some great fighting Rainbows, pretty much all the way through winter. Wet Lining originated in Taupo, on the Tongariro. It’s pools and long deep runs, scream out for a wet fly, to be dragged across and down! Its a big fishery and I believe it will have a good season. Take care on this river, especially when the water levels are up, it has plenty of push.

So these are the rivers I guide on and explore through winter on a regular basis. I plan to be busy this season, as the trout are in excellent condition and I know a few fisherman will be here a little more often this year. Please feel free to contact me for my winter rates, I have different packages and prices set up for this season, with multi day packages receiving good discounts.

I wish you a great 2012 winter season, may your Rod bend and your Reel Scream!

Regards Shane