Looking into January 2009

Shane French /

January 21, 2009

Hey All,
dscf43391If you are a new reader welcome to taupofishing. We have been down for a month and if you would like to know the reason why please go into the forum and have a look at the Welcome back Post.

January can be a bit fickle out there. The back country rivers have had a pounding from the Christmas holiday makers and the trout move because of this. However the insect life on all the rivers has increased and the trout are fat and healthy because of it.

I was on the lower Tonagriro last week and the Cicadas were going mad. I didn’t get a thing but I did see some monster browns while there, last thing in the evening would be a good choice there.

dscf4277I haven’t heard anything from lake O and might go for a drive up there on Monday next week. Last year I dropped a honey of a Brown on the bank using a floating line, a short trace, tiny indicator and two size 16 black Nymphs. The great thing about this water is you just never know when that trophy will grab your nymphs and go ballistic.

All the rips are producing good numbers of Browns and rainbows. There are a few spent trout about but in general things have improved from last year. Hopefully this bodes well for the winter season.

There may be one or two clitches with my reports over the next few weeks as I learn the new CMS system that has been installed so please be patient, however we should not go down again once all is running. Once again readers I am VERY sorry for the site being down for so long, it was a very stressful month getting it back up!!

Regards Shane