May report

Shane French /

May 13, 2007

dscf1067.JPGWe are somewhat behind with the seasons at the moment and this has reflected in the fishing on all tributaries of Lake Taupo. Add to that the lack of rain and wind over the past seven weeks and it is understandable why fishing has at times been a little tough on the rivers. Last year by this stage all rivers had been in spate at least six or seven times and were fishing well we were also lighting the fire every day, this year is totally different. with any luck the spawning runs will drag on well in November because of it.

dscf0996.JPGAll the rivers have a section that is going to close off at the end of this month so make sure you remeber to fish your favourite stretch of water before that happens. Most of the rips are starting to fire now which is a good sign. Weather you like them or not Heave and Leaves are starting to take fish on a regular basis. Fish these on a short leader and a fast sinking line, retrieve them like a normal fly. Once you start hooking Trout on them your opinion may change!

dscf0333.JPGThe quality of the trout taken has been a little up and down over the past month but talking to a few boaties out there the condition and size of fish on the lake has increased dramatically, these fish are starting to show up around the rips now as well. There are still a few Brown Trout in the Waitahanui and Tongariro rivers. If you catch one of these now please consider releasing it as they have been in the system a long time and the chances are the flesh will taste like cardboard. It is a nice feeling to watch a fish glide back into the water!

dscf0011.JPGOne thing is for sure with all the fine weather we have been having some of the sunsets from the front of the lodge have been spetacular. If you have not stayed with us in our front cabine this is what you are missing out on.

Tight Lines for May