report for 01st of May 2007

Shane French /

May 1, 2007


I managed to drop everything I hooked up onto this morning, and IÂ know I am going to cop it from A few Turangi sources because of it.

I fished the upper pools first and managed to drop two in a row from Pig then one from Swirl. I had one in snag to the net until it came off sending the split shot into my face, (ouch). At this stage I wondered if the lodge was burning down and the fishing Gods were trying to send me home. Being the stubern S.O.B that I am I shot down to the lower reaches,(without checking the lodge), and dropped a monster of a fish on my first cast in my favorite run. I then lost two sets of gear in four casts to a snag that has got bigger!!!!! I wondered at this stage weather I should go home but thought better of it and carried on to a spot I knew would not have been fished this morning. On my way there I slipped in the mud, did the splits and sat on my bollocks. I need new boots and studs, I almost needed a new set of bollocks as well!!! Didn’t catch anthing there either, yes it happens to guides as well!!

The Waitahanui had good colour today with a little extra flow. It is at this time that the big fish move into the system and as the water clears they will come on the bite. You need to be here. All the fish today took a Tight lines Fluro Orange and Champagne Glo Bug in size 10. As I said the water was coloued up and a little extra colour can help. I needed some extra weight and leader length as well. Although it didn’t help me land the buggers!!!!

The Tauranga Taupo went up to .900, (fast) and there will be fish in there when it drops, I am sure the same will be for the Tongariro as well.

Since we want you guy’s to enjoy your fishing and get up, or down here. For this weekend we will do a room rate of $55.00 per double. Sounds desperate, Naaaa not really we just want to fill rooms and have anglers enjoy themselves.

Take care out there

Regards Shane