Report for Thursday the 26th of April 2007

Shane French /

April 26, 2007

A little tough on the Waitahanui today. I fished the upper pools with Russell from Auckland picking up one nice Hen from above Snag and hitting a few others on the way. There are fish in the system but it is a matter of you seeing them before they see you!!

We are due some good rain Saturday a few showers Sunday then heavy rain on Monday, it could be a good week next week!!

Ross baker from the Tongariro River Motel has started up his own fishing Web Site. You can view this from Ross is one of the good buggers in life and his web site is both interesting and informative. Most of his reports are based on that horrible piece of water the Tongariro (smile) so put him Favourites folder.

I have been given a day pass tomorrow afternoon to check out some water so will report back then.

Take care.

Regards Shane