Taupo Fishery report As At 4th November 2008

Shane French /

November 4, 2008

Hey All,

Well we are at the end of the winter season now and it should be a good time to reflect on how it was.

dscf4039.JPGOverall the trout in Lake Taupo were in much better condition compared to last year, (couldn’t have got worse though). The size limit has been reduced to 40cm now and this will help in taking more numbers out of the lake. I personally think fish numbers are down on last year and if you take into account the terrible condition of those trout last year ,then you could imagine the high mortality rate from last years spawning run. The fish may be in better condition than last year due to being less trout in the system but because of that, more food to go round.

Next Winter season will be a crucial one for the Taupo Fishery, I can’t wait.

dscf4169.JPGAnother good thing happened in my opinion this year and that is all the floods and high water levels spilling into the lake. This would have pushed Tonnes of food and nutriments out there. It is just what the doctor asked for in regards to shock charging the system.

dscf4179.JPGAs well as having the trout size dropped we also had a complete ban on Felt Soled boots for Didymo prevention. What about ACCIDENT prevention? Aqua Stealth is a VERY POOR second to Felt, when it comes to crossing rivers and walking over rocks. They also suck on mud! I understand the whole Felt, Didymo connection but I am sorry, because of this decision anglers are now more at risk from serious injury or death. If you think I am being melodramatic on this, I suggest you get out more!  Hey I know why don’t you put in strict quarantine between the North and South Island, that would have a big impact on the spreading of Didymo, tossers! Yes I am still having difficulties getting over that one, (smile).

Anyway back on track…

dscf4146.JPGAll the rivers have had their fair share of trout go through. The only dark horse in my opinion is the Hinemaiaia, I did not fish this very much this season as the snags and high water levels beat me most times. I will get in above the bridge after it opens up and see for myself. I am sure the pools will have changed up there and so it will be like exploring it all over again. Yeah i’ll take in a couple of hundred flies with me and use twenty pound Fluro!!!!!

dscf3950.JPGThey are doing work on the Poutu canal again and because of that the Tonagriro river level will be up, apparently for a few months. Watch the crossings! This had a very good season, apart from a few dry spells here and there. The fish condition was not to bad overall and there were some excellent trout taken. This is a huge river guys and so move if you are not getting takes. They are in there.

dscf4162.JPGThe Tauranga Taupo got pummelled by the weather this season but the pools are now deep and the runs clean. This will be a great river to explore leading up to Christmas. Hit it on a hot day when water levels are low. Go in with flash backs, something small and black, fluro leaders and small indicators. Have on your Polaroid glasses and take your time through the water. It is very good fun. 5 and 6 # rods a must!!

dscf4124.JPGThe Waitahanui. I think this beautiful river is the jewel in the crown when it comes to the Taupo rivers. It is the only river to have flax throughout its course and has deep magical looking pools. The Waitahanui had a blinder in the end. It would have fished even better if the other rivers had not been blown out so much. It seemed every time the Nui had a decent run of trout go through, the rain came in washed out the other rivers and every angler in Taupo turned up on its banks. Hey that is fishing, I didn’t blame them either, its just I wanted them all to myself, (haha).  I love this river, it is definitely my favorite!

dscf3815.JPGThe lake has done as well as anywhere in Taupo. Weather has hampered the boaties this season, however the trout caught have mostly been fat little specimens. Numbers are down though out there!!

These are my opinions, if you would like to discuss anything on here please join the forum board and express yourself.

Take care out there

Regards Shane