Taupo Fishing Predictions For April 2008

Shane French /

April 11, 2008

Hey all,

Another beautiful Sun Set at the Waitahanui lodgeWell it feels like Winter is just around the corner now. We have had the fire going most nights over the past week and have had three slight frosts as well.

In short we need rain like the rest of the country, at the time of writing this the Tauranga Taupo is a trickle with all the smaller tributaries the same. These rivers will “go off” with the first decent downpour we get.

The Waitahanui being Spring fed keeps to a regular level but is “clear as gin” at the moment and if you are going to fish this wonderful river you need to be stealthy as hell. I am still using naturals at the moment but have a few customers who have had good success using small Glo Bugs. Some rain again would be nice but a good fresh Westerly wouldn’t go a miss here either.

Backcountry anyone!!I was once told by an old fisherman on the banks of the Hinemaiaia that this particular river kicks off its season with frosts! Well if that is the case then this river will start to produce the goods. Remember it closes off above the bridge at the start of June so get in fast. I have already picked up some very good fish from this system.

I heard from someone the other day that the Tongariro had gone quiet fish wise, but I’m not too sure about that! I have a few hours on there tomorrow morning and so will have a better idea by then. It certainly has had a brilliant summer. Again the condition of the trout has improved.

Looking down on Poi’s poolThe Waitahanui rip is not fishing well at all. The easterly that has been blowing does nothing for this body of water entering the lake. We need a slight westerly or South Westerly, this tends to make it “rip” out into the lake, attracting trout.

The lake in general is Bloody low and if we don’t get good rain fast we will be in deep poo!

Be safe out there.

Regards Shane