The Taupo Fishing Summer For 2017

Shane French /

November 15, 2016




Hi there.

Welcome to my web site page. If you are new here then you have come to a web site dedicated to the art of Fly fishing, Trout River Guiding and fishing paraphernalia. Please have a look around and if you are planning a trip to the North Island and are an enthusiast of Fly Fishing, please feel free to contact me regarding any questions you might have. I love talking fishing and I enjoy helping people out.


I have been fishing the lakes, streams and rivers of the North Island, New Zealand for over 40 years now. I caught the bug early on and ran with the ball as hard as I could. This trip has been filled with some massive highs and I am sure it is the main reason I still feel young at 50. In this time I have designed my own Nymphs and a few other gadgets.Everything you see on my shop is my own work. Being a Chef by trade I have even come up with a few dry rubs for fish, poultry and meat. I use my smoking salt for the preparation of trout before I smoke them. I have had a wee shuffle round with prices also. making my pictures a little more easier to purchase and a lot easier to ship!


However one of the main reasons for this web site is the reporting on the fishery that I do. so with that, here is what I think will be the go, over the next four months, both locally and more wide spread around the central Plateau.


All the rivers are going to have good numbers of older trout in them right up until the end of December. The late season this year means, those fish, will still want to be in the rivers by the end of December. Then as the weather gets warmer, (please hurry up) the insect hatches will increase and some of those trout will stay around to make the most of the fantastic insect life Taupo has over summer. We will then start to get, (early January) the Brown trout moving in close to the rivers and even into them. This means that river mouth fishing will heat up. Hooking up into an 8 pound Brown Trout late at night is freaking fun and should be on all anglers tick lists. They can be caught in the rivers at certain times but by far the best way of claiming a Brownie, is at night, in the Rip. I believe that due to the super insect hatches of large Cicadas that happen on all the rivers in Taupo, there are many Rainbow trout that make their way into the rivers to feed. I have always enjoyed summer fishing in Taupo on the rivers, with a dry fly and dropper rig. This is easy to cast and at times lethal.


For me however, Back Country is where my heart is from December on wards. Getting away from everyone, having a river system to yourself and experiencing magic fly fishing is what this is all about for me. Spotting large trout, both Rainbows and Browns as they feed, getting yourself into a casting position and then presenting your fly to a feeding fish, is really heart pounding stuff. I fully understand why the epitome of Fly fishing, is the art of the Dry Fly. For those who enjoy Nymphing but have never given a dry fly a go, you should and that one definitely needs to be ticked off the list. Add in some of the most stunning native bush and scenery in general and honestly it makes for a fantastic day.




Because of the wet Spring we are having, all the Taupo and Central Plateau rivers are still running high. This means the back Country rivers as yet, have not  had any pressure at all and will go into the Summer months pretty fresh and with the trout in very good condition. There are already hatches happening during the day and evening and the trout I am catching are in very good condition for this time of year. I heard the chirping of Cicadas last week and that got the heart racing and bought a smile to my face. The sound of Cicadas to me, represents Summer.

So there are many options for anglers who come to Taupo over Summer when regarding fly fishing. Whether it is one of the local easy going rivers or something a little more dramatic Back Country the Central Plateau and Taupo District are one of the best fishery’s in the world. Come and have a look for yourself.

Be safe

Regards Shane