Welcome To The Taupo Trout Fishing Web Site And Shop

Shane French /

November 3, 2014


Hey all,

Welcome to my web site. Within these pages I hope you find something that makes you go “Cool”. Whether it’s a picture capturing the stunning scenery I travel in, or gaining enthusiasm for your next “trip”, through my videos. I just hope my site gives you something to go away with. I am all about fishing and the peace it brings.

Hi my name is Shane. I fish, lots! Always have, hopefully always will. I can’t control it! In this life long Trout Fishing journey of mine I have picked up a few tricks. I have fished with some of the best Fly-fisherman you could believe, it has been a pleasure to watch and learn as well as guide and teach. My site will hopefully give you something to ponder on or get excited about.  My web site is a No nonsense, sometimes in your face site that gives Accurate Fishing reports on the Taupo rivers and gives regular updates on the back country Rivers surrounding the Central plateau.



I have a shop attached to this site. All my Nymphs are my own design. They are based on what I have taken into account over the past 39 years. Colour and Texture promote my Nymphs and they catch trout everywhere. Even world class fly fisherman have been astounded by the effectiveness of these little beauties, while I have guided them on our fabulous rivers. I bring to you, Nymphs that work!



This is what has happened so far for the 2015 season.

The 2015 winter Trout season for lake Taupo and its many tributaries kicked off with a brilliant start. We need wind and rain to make the Steel head run and that’s exactly what we got. It has been a wet start to the year from March onwards and this has pushed the trout into the rivers. The 2014 summer saw very good numbers of smelt in the lake. Smelt are the main food source for our trout and they obviously munched out big time on these little fish. The end result of a good summer furiously feeding on smelt is that the Trout are FAT!! I predicted that this season would be a good one and this prediction has come true, thank God. I have taken trout from all the main tributaries this season and they are in excellent fighting condition. For up to date reports and little tricks that hopefully will help you out, keep an eye on my reports as I fish my way through the season.


All my Nymphs will take trout over the winter season but the main ones I use are the Glo Bug, Green Bead Reaper, Green Bead Raptor, Red Bead Reaper, Hair and Copper and the Blue Raptor. My dropper, (the Nymph with weight to get down) is always the 4.5 Ml Tungsten Big Boys Bomb or the 3.8 ml Black Bodied Reaper. These Nymphs will guarantee you catch trout!

Tight Lines to all and please be safe on the water.

Regards Shane