The End Of The Winter Season And The Start Of Our Summer Fun!!

Shane French /

September 23, 2010

Hey all,

Welcome to the Taupofishing web site. Please have a look around and feel free to contact me for any further details you need regarding guiding.

Well we have had a very wet end to the Taupo winter fishing season, with most or all of the Taupo Rivers high and coloured for the whole of September. The poor old Tauranga Taupo has not been fishable for three weeks now and it is going to be interesting to go in there and have a fish, as this river can change in the blink of an eye. It started off a bit slow this year the TT but then well and truly took off with some excellent trout taken. I landed some beautiful trout early in the season and had one or two clients land 5 and 6 pound fish from here. It is always a pleasure to walk the banks of the Tauranga Taupo.

The Waitahanui had a brilliant start as always! Then it slowed right down and at times the river seemed empty. The Brown trout hung around for most of the winter season with a friend of mine targeting them on a regular basis. I believe the pressure out the front with boats, the heave and leave style fishing in the rip and the long extended straight have played a massive part in the lack of trout going through its Gin clear waters. In other words WAY to much pressure in this area. Add to that the poaching that goes on due to a lack of DOC presence and you have a river that is in decline. It is quite sad as many of us who have been fishing Taupo for over twenty years, started on this brilliant river with our Dads. It has a special place in our memories.

The Hinemaiaia has finally slowed down with its massive runs of trout going through. It was great being able to fish above the SH1 bridge all year and as a guide it gave me another string to my bow. I am in two minds whether it is a good idea to have it oped up all year round however, as the Reeds where the trout lay their eggs got a right royal walking over by anglers. This will certainly have some effect on the mortality rates. Some of the best conditioned trout came out of the Hine for me this year. There are a few spots that I have in the Hinemaiaia that I can almost guarantee trout at any time of the day! I am looking forward to the summer rip fishing this year as I want to land a double figure Brown and this is a great place to do it.

The Tonagriro had a much better season this year than in the past few. The trout actually moved above the bridge this year and they were in great condition. I spent a heap of time on the Tonagriro last summer looking for water to fish away from the crowds and I put that into practice this season. It is possible to fish the Tonagriro and not be bothered by other anglers if you have a few sneaky spots. However sometimes this place is like Queen street and you either have to put up with it or go to another river. The Tongariro will fish well into October, then it goes a little quiet just before the Browns enter, then it is all on again for a good month before these great trout get a bit shy and sleepy!!

All in all I have had one of the best winter seasons since I moved down to Taupo. My regular clientele has kept me going over the season and I have had some excellent days out with them. Now it is time to look forward to summer.

October for me is a time for getting out and checking all my summer fishing waters. I have spent the last five years exploring water within a three hour drive from Taupo. Some of the rivers I fish have camp over facilities due to the distance, but all of them are full of trout and I very really encounter other anglers. I have built up local access knowledge through knocking on farmers doors and can get my clients onto Browns or Rainbows using Dry fly or small Nymphs. I love my summer fishing and look forward to it every year now. If you want to experience trout fishing at its best then get in contact with me through this web site and I will give you  some trout fishing memories you won’t forget.

Regards Shane French