The Start of The 2010 Taupo Winter Trout Season Kicks Off In Style

Shane French /

May 3, 2010

Hey All,

If you are new to my web site, welcome. Please have a look around and feel free to copy any of the recipes you like. If you would like a copy any picture you see, please get in touch and for $5.00 it is all yours, they can be blown up and put on canvas!!

Well the Winter season is now banging on the door ,with a few good runs of Steel Head going into most of the Taupo Rivers. I am still using naturals all day when on the water and am doing very well with them. My favorite piece of water at the moment has to be the Hinemaiaia. I have had some great action on this great little river at all times of the day using prince Nymphs and the Hot Wired Prince in Gun Metal Blue from Feather merchants. The trout coming out of here are consistantly around the 3.5 pound mark with the odd bigger 5 pounder thrown in.

I did a little bit in the Waitahanui earlier in April and this again had the best trout in the Taupo River systems. If you want a quality rainbow then this river is where you need to be heading. The good old Nui is one river that you can get away with a Glo Bug as well, it just seems to work on here. Make sure you are getting down to them though by adding some split shot when needed.

The Tonagriro was a constant producer in April and I have had some great guiding on here over the past two weeks, taking an 8 pound Brown and a whole heap of fresh run rainbows on there. Once again naturals are the way to go at the moment on this great river. If you are not getting strikes or hooking up then you need to move on the Tongariro. Once you are into an area with trout stay with them.

There are good reports in the lake too. Some days it is so easy to hook up out there it takes NO time to have your limit, other times it is a little harder. The main thing is most of the reports coming in are saying the Trout are in excellent condition.

The back country scene is almost over for this season and it has been fantastic. I have a whole heap of new water to play with next time around and I am REALLY looking forward to getting a few regular clients out there on it. At the moment the trout back country are fat, fit and ready to take anything thrown at them. You still have a few weeks to make the most of it!!!

This is going to be a great year, already I am well up on numbers hooked up on, from last year and the condition is SOOOOO much better. Get that gear out, buy your seasonal licence when it comes out and get ready for the slaying!!

Tight lines Guys.

Regards Shane