The up comming Winter season and a look back over Summer

Shane French /

April 5, 2010

Hey all,

If you are new to my web site then welcome, please feel free to browse the pages, copy some of the recipes and look at the photo’s I have posted of our beautiful area. I can be contacted for guiding through the contact page!

Well daylight saving has finished  and the days are certainly shorter with the weather getting colder. Although all the back country rivers are still open, I start to look at the Taupo tribs for some fresh run Steel heads, but only when the conditions pervail for them to run the rivers from the lake.

Some of the back country water closes at the end of April and the rest at the end of June, please check your regulations for that information. I had a brilliant summer on the back country water with Rainbows and Browns smashing the dry fly right through January and February. The Cicada season didn’t really fire as both these months had too much rain and were a little cooler than normal. When they did  start to chirp the trout went mad and fishing was quite simple, smash a big imitation down on the surface and wait for the take. Most of the water I fish, have seen the trout well fed and they are going into winter with good condition on their side. I have found four new rivers to add to my collection of guiding water this season and can’t wait to get out there next year, when the cicadas start their singing.

I am still using my little 5# for most of the Taupo rivers at the moment as they are all low and clear. Standard Nymphs such as the Prince, flash back PT, Quasi, Dutch CDC, and a few I can’t mention are still taking trout on a regular basis. Sometimes going down to those size 16’s is the best way to induce a strike, they probably don’t get to have a decent look at it ,but it looks interesting ,so they have a go. I still use split shot for those very deep holes but only after I have lengthened my leader. Chances are the trout are still looking up for their food and will rise up.

Once the rivers come up in volume and we get a few fresh run spawners in then I will change to a heavier rod and start using the glow bugs. I am really looking forward to this season as the trout being caught in the lake are mostly in fantastic condition. I was talking to Paul the other day and he said the fights he is receiving from the boat caught trout is awesome. He can’t wait to connect up on a fly rod in the rivers.

So dust off your heavy gear, stretch those lines, (or buy a new one) and get ready for a fantastic season.

See you on the water.

Regards Shane