Welcome To TaupoFishing, Summer Has Arrived!

Shane French /

November 9, 2011



Hi There

My name is Shane French and I have been a guide in the Taupo area for well over 6 years now. However I first picked up a fly rod when I was 7 years old, fell in love with it immediately and have been searching rivers and lakes ever since to increase my skills and to always have a secret little spot where nobody else goes. For me a huge part of flyfishing is the tranquility it produces and getting away from other anglers is very high on my list there! For that reason if you choose me as your guide in New Zealand I will have the ability to get you out and away from the crowds.

Well Summer in upon us! Yesterday I guided two great people into the upper Whanganui, it wasn’t the most pleasant of days but to my pleasure a few good sized trout where starting to rise to the surface. We pretty much tried everything except TNT on them but they were not interested. It won’t be long however before they gobble down Huge Royal Wolfs and Cicada Patterns like kids eating candy. Some of these trout can put on four pounds, in a summer season, by munching everything in their path. They just keep getting fatter and fatter. The Whanganui Quad trip is one of my favorites to do and if you are interested in some of the best scenery available in New Zealand and by far the best fishing, then this is the one for you.

The Brown Trout cruising into the Taupo rivers will start up soon and these leviathans of Taupo make for some of the best sport in the area. Once they are in the Taupo Rivers they seem to be a bit harder to catch, (except when a Cicada hatch comes on), so the best time and place is from December onwards, at night time, in the rips, (where the river meets the lake). This type of fishing is not for everyone as being in the dark and trying to cast a big hairy wet fly can be a challenge, but if you do have the skills and are in the area get in touch with me, as trout like this one are common and the fight is like nothing you will ever experience.

Anyone can do it. Yes to become masterful at flyfishing takes time and practice but the skills I give beginners give them a fairly big advantage to catch trout like this one. Again it is even better if in summer we can get away from Taupo and onto a small back country stream where the fish are always looking for food. I have an excellent record for getting first timers onto trout and the photo expression says it all.

Safety is probably the most important thing there is on a river and so I always ask a few questions via email or on the phone to make a plan of where to go. Some rivers are for the serious back country fishers while some other quieter streams are for the less agile. Whatever your fitness level or experience I can arrange a day trip or multiple days on some of the best water available in New Zealand.

Tight Lines to all.

Regards Shane French

Head Guide

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