Well Into The Taupo Summer Trout Fishing Season

Shane French /

February 15, 2010


Hey all,

p2110042If you are new to this web site please have a look around and feel free to download the recipes in that section. You can contact me for any of the photos I put up for a larger copy. I am a full time Trout fishing Guide and have a large area of the central North Island that I fish on a Regular basis. You can contact me through my guiding page for more details and prices. I update my Trout Fishing report page as much as possible, in between guiding!

Well the longest day of summer is well behind us now. The days are getting a little shorted and the mornings a little darker. This time last year we were havingĀ  the Cicada season from Hell! The little chirping buggers were everywhere. This year has been a little different with heavy rain and strong winds damping down their activity. It is still worth giving this fantastic sport a go and I have had some excellent success and fun using them on the Tongariro and the back country rivers I fish. Its just not going to be like last season!

p2110010The Tonagriro has been a good producer of trout for me over the summer months. The Rainbows are in there in large numbers and are in fantastic condition. This means the winter run trout will be the same, we can expect a much better winter!! The Brown Trout are in the Tonagriro as well but have had their mouths shut during the day. If you really want to target these monsters then stay after dark or hit them early in the morning, They can be taken!!

The lower reaches of the Tauranga Taupo have also been a good place to throw a cicada pattern. This river is not thought of when it comes to the summer fishery and therefore gets very little pressure. The upper reaches off Kiko road are FULL of trout but man are they spooky little buggers. Its a big walk in there but well worth the effort.

The Hinemaiaia is full of little 1 pounders with the odd bigger fish thrown in. I had a guide there the other day who caught a trout on his backcast!!! He was dropping his arm back to far and the dry hit the water behind us, BAM it got hit, and I almost got hit in the back of the head with a small trout!! As I say heaps in there. The Rip is starting to produce some nice Browns after dark as well.

p2100019The Waitahanui is the same. A few more Browns in there though and some of these are monsters! Walking up this river spotting for them is great fun, getting them to take is a little frustrating though! The quassi in size 16 has been their undoing for me! The rip is starting to fire up as the lake temp increases. The Waitahanui is cold!! Spring feed it attracts the rainbows and the Browns from miles away. Taking a Brown out of this Rip at night time should be on the tick list of all serious Trout fisherman!

Back country, things have really taken off with the dry fly action. In fact it is all I am using at the moment. Some of the takes off the surface have been mind blowing. Full body rolls, tail walking hook ups and clients being taken out onto the backing have all been the go. Love this type of fishing and as I say we are in full swing with it at the moment.

Take care out there on the water and I look forward to hearing from you.


Shane French