Whats going on in the Taupo Fishery

Shane French /

March 1, 2008

Hey all,

Thought I’d get in quickly this month before my Dad had to remind me to change my home page.

dscf2541.JPGFebruary was a dry month but overall temperatures have been down a little on past years. The lake level is the lowest i have ever seen it and due to this all the rips are well defined and flowing out strongly into the lake. The rivers are all low and clear.

dscf2590.JPGIf you are fishing the Taupo rivers at the moment then you have good options up your sleeves. I am having a lot of fun at the moment with the dry fly and dropper rig. A small tungsten beaded Flash Back 2.5 feet under a Royal Wolf is slaying them on the Tongariro, Tauranga Taupo and the Hinemaiaia. I have found on the Waitahanui that small Nymphs are still the way to go, this may be due to the nature of the pools, (short and deep). I have even been fishing with a three fly rig at times and found this to be excellent although a little messy once the trout gets netted. There are some fantastic trout in all the rivers at the moment as well. I stood on top of the cliff pool, (Waitahanui ) two days ago and counted 13 very good fish moving around, all looked over the five pound mark with some I believe going seven.

dscf2555.JPGBackcountry has been excellent for me this month. All the rivers I fish producing excellent quality rainbows and Browns. They have been chowing down on insect life and have put on considerable weight in the last month. Nothing fights like a well conditioned 6 pound back country Rainbow!

As I have said all the Rips look good and some great Browns have been taken after dark.

dscf2568.JPGWinter Fishing is just around the corner so check that line and make up those Glo Bugs.

Tight Lines for March and see you on the water.

Regards Shane