Line Tidy, from Anglers Image.

Shane French /

April 23, 2008

Anglers Image, Line TidyI should have put this up ages ago, (slack bastard). I got one of these months ago and it has now become one of the best items I have ever purchased for fishing. It is a Yo Yo shape contraption that enables you to tidily dispose of line on the river, for taking back home and getting rid of. How many times have you cut a couple of feet off you leader for all sorts of reasons and tried to stuff it down your waders or in a front pocket. It always springs out and you inevitably drop it somewhere before you get back to the car. With this brilliant, cleaver and practical device, you just wind it around the center and when you get home pull it apart, (it uses an O ring to keep the two half’s tightly together) you can fill it with a crap load of line and it keeps it right out of the way. I grieve badly all day if I happen to leave this at home, it has become an essential piece of fishing for me, and should be for all anglers. They retail for $14.50.