Taupofishing extreme strike indicators

Shane French /

June 4, 2007

Taupofishing Strike IndicatorsAre you sick of putting on a fresh indicator only to have it sink minutes after. For me there was nothing more annoying, not only is it harder to detect strikes, but a sub surface indicator is a damn good way to spook fish. My indicators are made from polypropylene and treated with three different, top quality products from Loon, (Tight Lines). I use Kevlar thread to bind the 14 individual strands together, making for an extremely hard wearing indicator that can last for months, when treated correctly. The indicator on the left has Wing Brite added to it making them highly visible in dim conditions, this is a little more expensive to make but are fantastic first thing in the morning. The standard Indicator retails for $3.50 and the Wing Brite Indicator for $4.00. Please email or phone for your orders and we will post them out to you ASAP with instructions of care.