Lemon Ginger and Sesame Trout On Hoisin Honey and Coriander Udon Noodles

Shane French /

June 28, 2012

Gaaahhh thats a mouth full, but tasty and fast to prepare.

first catch your trout :)

I used Watties WOK Creations, Lemon Ginger and Sesame sachet flavor.

Cut the trout into individual pieces. Brush over the marinade. Heat a oven prof fry pan until very hot and drizzel in good olive oil. Place trout presentation side down first and let sizzle for a good minute, flip over. The top should be caramelized.

Place pan in pre heated over 200 C deg. Trout should be ready in 10 minutes. To check, bring out and gently separate flesh with a fork, if it looks cooked…. well it is, if it doesn’t back in the over for a few more minutes

Udon noodles are sooooo easy to prepare and really versatile. Place packet in boiling water and leave for 5 minutes, drain and then toss them in the Hoisin mixture.

1/4 cup Hoisin Sauce.

1Tbl Spoon Tomato sauce

1 Tbl Spoon Melted Honey, (in microwave)

Mix together.

Add noodles and mix through with chopped Coriander.

Place trout on heaped noodles and serve to your loved one. She might let you go fishing more often! :)