Pan Fried Trout with a Paw Paw Chilli and Corriander Salsa

Shane French /

March 4, 2008

dscf2698.JPGFillet and bone your Trout, cut into Darn’s.

Take the skin off the Paw Paw and de seed, cut into small dice. Add chopped coriander and the juice of one Lime. Add one finely diced Chili, and one Tablespoon of Finley diced Red Onion. Stand the Salsa in a fridge for no less than two hours, mixing through once.

The salad that accompanied this dish was Nashi pear, Blue Cheese, sundried Tomato’s and water cress, it had a small drizzle of Raspberry vinaigrette.

I thinly peeled some carrot and leek, blanched them in boiling water, drained them well, coated them in flour and shallow fried them until Crispy, (the Girls loved these). I used this garnish to sit the trout on.

Take the fillet of Trout with skin on and place in a very hot fry pan with a splash of oil and a half tea spoon of butter, presentation side down. Fry for two and half minutes,then turn over. The skin will contract at this point,(don’t freak). Fry for a further two minutes Grind good black pepper and rock salt on the top and then place in a hot oven, 200C for a further five minutes or until cooked. If necessary use a fork to gently separate the flesh to check.

Once cooked place on the bed of veg garnish and place a liberal amount of Salsa on top. Garnish with lime wedges and serve.