Trout Sashimi

Shane French /

April 4, 2007

Trout SashimiIf you like Sashimi, (Japanese raw fish) then you have to try it with Trout, it realy works well. There are a number of secrets to good Trout Sashimi, probably the most important is choose your fish carefully, good coloured flesh is a must. Green label Kikkoman salt reduced soya sauce is the best to use. This still has that soya taste but is nowhere near as strong as the other brands, therefore not taking anything away from the fish flavour. A small dash of malt vinegar can be added to bring out the taste. Thinly slice the fish with a sharp knife, wetting the blade in between slices, (this makes the job easier). There are a few different types of Wasabi,(hot Japanese raddish) out there and all are good for this purpose. Watch how much you use of this stuff as it can overpower the taste. There a few other condiments out there that go with Sashimi and all are available in your local supermarket. This goes realy well with Saki, (the Japanese rice wine). If you don’t like Sashimi you can always just drink the Saki. Hic!!!