Smoked Rock Salt,Chilli and Garlic with Lemon, Lime and Dill 100g


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Product Description

This blend of flavors is ideal for everything :) However it was created with fish in mind. Rock Salt is a fairly gutsy salt, due to the size of the grain. So if you overuse this blend, your food will be salty. I sprinkle this on all types of fish and then either smoke, bake, grill, microwave (Snapper), or barbeque the bugger! You do not want to “Cover” the flesh as it will overpower the fish flavors. A light sprinkle should be a good way to start.

This salt blend has a zingy attack to the pallet due to the lemon and lime. The Chilli is there for warmth while the smoked garlic gives it depth. The dill makes it taste fresh and lightens the flavors.

One of my new favorite ways to have fresh Trout, is to clean and bone the fish, (recipe works for approx. 3.5 pound). Sprinkle liberally, (trout can take a bit of salt) with the salt blend and wrap in tin foil tightly . I then place on a highish heat Barbeque Grill Plate, for about 25 minutes, turning regularly. Take off the barbeque and set aside, until you are ready. Due to the trapped steam inside the parcel, it will stay moist. When you remove the foil, the skin should peel away easily and you are just left with perfectly baked, seasoned trout.

I use this blend in a grinder as well. It goes great with avocado on toast, poached eggs, really lifts omelets and is delicious ground over new potatoes or asparagus with butter.

Store sealed in a cool dry place and it will last for up to 2 years.