Taupo Fishing Strike Indicator


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Product Description

I have spent YEARS perfecting this indicator:

In my opinion, there is nothing worse than trying to Nymph and have an indicator that sinks. The point of an indicator is to float and only go under when the Nymphs hook up and pull it under. The Taupo Rivers over winter often require heavy bombs or Tungsten to get down fast. A flimsy weak indicator will sink, making strike detection difficult and probably spook the trout. Most indicators can not withstand repeated heavy weight roll casting, the fibers clog, it becomes more streamlined and gets pulled under easily by the Nymphs.

Taupo Fishing Indicators are made with brushed PolyProp and soaked in the best Liquid floatant available. Before shipping I brush through Loon Aquel individually. These indicators will float high for many hours and support some ridiculous weight while doing it.

Taupo Fishing Indicators are multi Colored. This enables them to be seen under most light conditions,  either high or low. While doing that they easily blend in with nature. I have had many trout take these off the surface!

Anyone Nymphing and using a strike indicator, should have one of these!