Taupo Fishing Tapered Leaders


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Product Description

This is what I guide with.

Having a good strong clean leader attached to your Main line, is a critical part of Fly Fishing. Having the confidence that it is doing its job correctly enables you to fish better. Every start to a fishing adventure should be with a new leader.

It has a short Butt of 12.5 pound Mono filament, with a surgeons loop for attachment to your Line. This goes into a 3 foot section of 8 pound Fluro and ending in a 4 foot section of 6 pound Fluro. Knots are tied using the Surgeons Knot, passed through four times, for greater strength.

These leaders are strong and stealthy. Fluorocarbon has a huge advantage over Mono-filament when it comes to stealth and abrasion from rocks etc . Part of its design is to cut through the top film of water and sink. The overall taper of this leader helps in Casting presentation, it will help your Nymphs or streamer fold out, instead of dumping them on the water. This can greatly reduce the dreaded “wind Knot”.

I was horrified at the cost of leaders on the market, so please take advantage of this item.