Taupo Fishing, Black Boddied Hairy Reaper


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Product Description

This fly changed the way I fish, especially in the Taupo Rivers. If I ever have to use weight when Nymphing then the 3.8 Mil Tungsten black bead Reaper, is my first port of call. In fact Unless I am using the Dry Fly, or the Trout are going Nuts on Glow Bugs, this little fellow is always on my line :) . I have caught so many trout on this dropper, (weighted Nymph) now, it is ridiculous. Every river I have fished from the east coast to the west coast, this little Fellow took trout!

The Red Copper Wire stands out against the black. I use this a lot over winter, I have taken trout from all the Taupo rivers using this 3.8 mil  Tungsten Bead and a small glo Bug, (well small for me). With the Tapered leader I sell, going down to 6 pound Fluro, this whole Hairy Reaper / Glo Bug Rig, is stealthy and mean. It slays them on the Tauranga Taupo!

If its one fly you need in your Box of Tricks, its this one!

The 3.8 Mil  Black Hairy Reaper is tied on a  Strong Kamasan B110 Hook, in size 12 only